Tuesday, 19 January 2016


The fencers returned quite late yesterday, they had to give up as the light was gone. They were here just before 9am this morning to finish off.

This was this morning before the fencers came back.

New gate and fence from the front, this is what you see from the road.

Our view of the gate from the passage, our bungalow is to the right of the picture, you can just see the edge of the kitchen window cill.

I am really pleased, its a good sturdy gate and fence and should, with the correct care, last for a good few years. We have a security lock which can only be opened with a key from either side, and a bolt, top and bottom. The dustbins are outside the gate, to they can be easily collected by the bin men.

DB continues to cough, He slept sitting up again last night, if the cough does not clear I will be sending him back to the Drs. I managed a decent night, woke once about 4.15 soon dropped off again.

Used the bone from the lamb and some scotch broth mix with the addition of butter beans and yellow lentils to make a large pot of scotch broth. There is enough for another 2 lunches.

We were going to pool together a few things on Thursday when we have to be in town, have just realised the library is closed on Thursday, so we will have to go to the library and do the shop bits tomorrow. I need to put fuel in the car and check the tyres, 

I sat and made a pom pom for the hat I knitted yesterday to use up some of the left over wook, I need to sew it on now.

DB went for his usual siesta after lunch, I think I dropped off for a few minutes......nana nap. He is watching the bowls from Potters.

No news re DS1's partner. Ex was out last night, will try tonight.

Its very cold, has hardly crawled above freezing today, the snow has gone, but its bitterly cold out side. Will put a match to the fire shortly, I can feel the temperature in the sitting room dropping.


  1. Cheers for the sturdy, locking gate and fencing and for the better security it affords you two! Do you suppose a coat of paint, painted flowers, and a sealer would help it last longer? Just imagining ... :)

    Sorry DB's cough continues. Perhaps a return visit with the doctor is in order.

    Our weather is about the same as yours and I wrapped up like I was going to Alaska when heading for the mail box. Brrr!


  2. As there are two gates adjacent to each other, although you are able to lock yours, next door mightn't do this and so strangers would be able to access through even if your gate were locked, would they not? But the gate certainly looks the business.
    Margaret P

  3. Galant, the bit at the side of the gate is not another gate, it's a fixed panel. The gate and fence make the side of our property secure. The entrance to the next door bungalow is further down the road.

    1. Thanks for explaining that! I was thinking you'd gone to a lot of expense to make the gate secure when there was another gate next to it.
      Margaret P


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