Sunday, 10 January 2016


Bad night last night was drinking tea at 2am. DB let me sleep in this morning.

I have sorted out the bits and strips Christmas fabric, so its all tidy again. Now looking at working on some UFO's.

Marjorie you asked about my cleaning routine. I did have a page with full details on, but took it down some time ago. Basically I divide the cleaning into 2 days. Monday....bedroom, sewing room, bathroom and toilet and Friday, hall, sitting room and kitchen. I use a method I was taught at college which means that I do not have to spring clean; When I first started it took me a while, but as time went on I got faster. On average it takes me about an hour and a half both days. I try to wash using the Econ 7, so when I get up the laundry is ready to go out on the line. If there is ironing to do I try to do it on Tuesday. When I go shopping I bring stuff to the front so nothing it out of date, I wipe the shelves as I go.  The fridge the same.The freezer defrosts automatically as I use stuff I wipe out the drawers with a damp cloth. I do an audit of the freezers and cupboards before I do my monthly shop. make up menus using stuff I have in first. This month apart from fresh fruit and veg we are living out of the cupboards and freezer.

I fell asleep on the settee this afternoon, lit the fire early, it was getting quite cool in the sitting room, temperature is falling I will have to turn the electric heating up a bit tonight.

Out a couple of afternoons this coming week.

Just enjoying a glass of cold rose.... before I cook the supper. Pork chops, roast spuds and parsnip, brussels and carrots. I cut up a panettone, have made a bread and butter pudding for dessert, the panettone thats left is in the freezer, it will make two more.

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