Sunday, 17 January 2016


It started snowing last night around 9pm, this morning everywhere was white, no more snow and now it seems to be thawing.

Whilst DB has been under the weather I have not been getting up until the back of 10am. This morning he was up just before me, he has been out with the camera to take some photos of the snow before it melts. He did put his coat on I am pleased to say.

The Morrison delivery came last night around 7.30, I guess they had no more late deliveries as I had paid for a £1 slot between 9 & 10pm. I had ordered a half shoulder of lamb, it was almost £9, blooming heck it will have to do for at least 3 suppers as well as soup!! DB requested that we have it today, so its prepped in the oven ready to cook. It will be cut in very thin slices!! The joint of pork is in the freezer and I also divided the liver up, got 5 suppers worth out of that.

No plans for the day, I need to sort out the stuff for the 'meet the groups' session at U3A on Thursday and also get ready for the quilting group meeting which is the week after next.

I was talking to the chap who runs the chapel round the corner at the cheese and wine do on Friday night. They have a nice hall which is adjacent to the kitchen and would be great for a workshop. He told me the chapel is run on a non profit making trust, so they do not charge for a room, we have to give a donation. That means I can pare back the cost considerably. Most quilt shops charge at least £25 if not more. I can cut that in half and with a group of 10 can give the church at least £100. I will have to see what the girls think a week on Thursday. I also need to see if they want to run a trip to Malvern for the spring show in May.

The side of the bungalow where the fence and gate are going.

I have  just heard from my ex that my eldest sons partner has had a tumour removed from her brain is has to have a scan on a second tumour. DS1 was going over to see her today, so will know more tonight. When is this all going to end.????? I just had a feeling that a tumour was the problem when I knew she had been transferred to Nottingham. It is the centre for treating brain tumours in this area.

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