Saturday, 23 January 2016

Slow Saturday

Very late waking this morning. Once up and breakfasted, I tackled the sitting room, should have done it yesterday but just could not be bothered. Everywhere is clean and tidy now, I just have the kitchen floor to wash. DB has just gone for his siesta, so I will be getting the mop out shortly.

I have laundry out, it was quite sunny earlier on, the sun has gone in, but there is a breeze so hopefully some of the thinner things will dry, the rest will go on the airer in the sitting room overnight. I have another load to go in tonight. Looked at the forecast, these are the best two days. I need to change the bed on Monday, think the sheets etc will have to be dried inside, the forecast is for rain.

Mac cheese for supper tonight with a mixed salad. Its shopping week this week. I still have cash left from last months shop, will be doing a menu plan and using more stuff from the freezer. I do fancy a beef stew with dumplings, so will see what Aldi have got.

I need to get a couple of samples done for the quilt group. I am putting on a Saturday workshop in the local chapel hall, decided to do the delectable mountains block, two different sizes to make. I have also sorted out the rent issue from the group, so I can tell our treasurer to pay it.

Going to put my feet up this afternoon and read.

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