Saturday, 16 January 2016

Slow Saturday

A slow start this morning, brekkie in bed again, its getting to be a habit, DB stayed in bed, I wanted to do the delayed Friday clean, he is better out of the way. Made mac cheese for supper tonight, a salad and will do a jacket spud with it. There is a banana wants eating fo DB will have that.

Last night I realised I had forgotten to let a friend know about Nick. I had to send her an email, naturally she was very shocked, one of her sons is of an age with Nick. When DD2 and Nick were teenagers we spent several holidays working on P's small holding. It was something Nick was keen to do and one of the reasons he worked so hard. Sadly he will not be a small holder now.

I lit the fire, DB had his after lunch siesta and has come through. Watching snooker just now.

I have an order coming from Morrison later, so if it does snow tonight, as they say it will, we will be ok, plenty of food, coal and wood. We do live on a bus route so although its not a good journey round the bends to Long Clawson we will be able to get out of we need to.

So far so good, no signs of the cold, so I think I have escaped, thank heavens........

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