Saturday, 9 January 2016


We slept in this morning.Once up a quick delayed Friday clean and the kitchen floor washed.

I spoke to my quilting friend on the phone, we are going over to see her on Tuesday. 

After lunch we went out for a ride, I was feeling a bit cabin feverish, so went to our local garden centre to pick u some more green slate and treat ourselves to a pot of tea and a toasted teacake.

Its been quite a cold grey day, the sun did come out briefly and just after we got home it started to rain.Lit the fire and closed the curtains.

Belly pork casserole for supper with mash, carrots and brussels.


  1. My your supper sounds yummy, belly pork is one of my favourites. I bet you will have a good catch up with you quilting friend. Funnily enough my two sister in laws are coming round on tuesday for sewing and gossip and tea and cake. But in which order i don't know!! X

  2. What a nice day you've had, lie in and a garden shop visit with all of those lovely flowers to enjoy. Then, too, the phone call to your quilting friend to arrange for your visit with her. Hope you and DB had some good books and/or puzzles to enjoy once the rain started this arvo.

    It's a cloudy day here with storms due overnight unless the forecast changes. I plan to do some laundry and perhaps get started on the next star for Brian's quilt.


  3. Glad to hear that your Saturday has gone well. One of the things I miss about England is all the nice ordinary places that you can enjoy a good cup of tea/teacake. Does wonders for the soul. Such places do not exist where I live.

    It is very cold here with snow flurries and several inches forecast for this evening. We have just lit the fire.

    Take care.

  4. Hugs. Can you direct me to your post where you outline your cleaning schedule? I need some direction in that area. Thank you.


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