Sunday, 3 January 2016

Rain Again

Chucking it down again, very dark, will have to put the lights on soon. Have also lit the fire. I am sure the sitting room heater is not working correctly, the chap who knows says it is. Cannot wait to get rid of the damn things.

A bit more sewing this morning, having problems with the mats turning out properly, still I will best it one way or another.

No news re Ex's break in. I had to block my eldest son on facebook last night, evil stuff he spouted about something he knows nothing about. I suspect that Nicks siblings are feeling guilty, they did rather loose touch with him, the last time he saw his eldest sister was Christmas 2014 at his younger sisters. I will be so glad when its all over, guess we will still have to put up with GD posting on facebook how much she misses him.  

DB has just gone for his siesta, we are having some of the gammon joint I cooked on boxing day for supper, will do some roasties, brussels and carrots with it and some parsley sauce. Guess it might be bananas for dessert.

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