Thursday, 28 January 2016


Better nights sleep, DB coughed 3 times and that was all. So I had a decent night.

The chiropodist came this morning and did our toe nails, so we have nice comfortable feet again.

I prepped the supper for when I got home from the quilting group.

The group went very well today, it was agreed that we go to Malvern for the spring show in May and also a workshop in March. We are going for lunch before next months meeting to the lakes at Eye Kettalby, DB is going with us.

I gave the girls their mats, I made them sit with their eyes closed and hands out, then went round and put a mat on each pair of hands and then told them to open their eyes. Went down very well. I also gave  the instructions out for the last 2 blocks of the sampler. Lots of laughs.............

DB had been ok with his 'sitter' he went just as I got back.

Trip to Aldi tomorrow all being well, if the weather is ok.

Still no news from DS1 regarding his partner, no idea what is going on there, but thats nothing new.

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