Friday, 1 January 2016

New Years Day 2016


  A Very Happy New Year To All My Readers.

We did not stay up to welcome in the new year, but we were still awake as the bells rang midnight. No rowdy parties, no fireworks, just blessed peace and quiet.

We were late up this morning, it was after 10 am
 before we finished our breakfast, so just yogurt and fruit for lunch, we will have supper early, the usual fish, wedges, and peas. I have some mince pies left so one each with some cream on top for dessert.

I decided this morning, whilst watching the traditional concert from Vienna, to sew down the binding on the table mats I made before Christmas, I have done 2 this morning and am going to do 2 more this afternoon. I still have 3 mats to make and one to finish sewing the binding on. I will give them to the ladies at the meeting at the end of this month. I am pleased with the way the group is going, some of the ladies have enough confidence to try simple things on their own, and also to recognise the make up of blocks.

Its fine, no rain and the sun is valiantly trying to get through, a bit of a losing battle it would seem. The cloud base is very low.

We have been going through the seeds to see what we are going to grow this year. We are going on holiday at the end of April, so will plant the potato's before we go. Seeds sown when we get back unless they are plants we are going to buy. Hopefully we will be able to grow most of our veg and some of the fruit this year.

I need to go through our budget and sort things out, see what cash we may have to put into our savings to pay for the multi fuel stove and also get the fencing and back gate sorted. I want to try and get both done by June if possible.

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