Thursday, 21 January 2016

Meet the Groups

Up and off out before 9am. Three of the ladies from the group were there to help me set up, several people came up to me and asked how I was. It has obviously travelled round that Nick passed away.

I was pleased with the display, we managed to fix the design wall to a screen and put the blocks on They looked good. A clear indication that choice of fabrics can make the same block look so different. Several of the ladies had sent their bags and pot holders was well. One lady told me she had made 5 pot holders as gifts for Christmas, and they were very well received. The ladies are certainly showing much more confidence in their abilities.

The two decorated Christmas trees looked well too.

The table was covered with bags, blocks and pot holders pinned to the front. Considering that this time last year none of the ladies had ever done any quilting I think they have done really well. I have had one lady drop out, but we have another lady coming for a 'taster' session next week at the group meeting. The numbers will be up to 10 then so I am not taking in any more, 10 is enough, especially as I have one lady who is a visual learner, I do have to spend quite a lot of time with her, so its good the other ladies can now get on without me.

It was bitterly cold and we had a heavy overnight frost, I was glad to get home and get some scotch broth for lunch.

DB is still suffering a bit with his cough, he has to go to the Drs. next week so will have a word then. He has requested fish tonight instead of tomorrow, so all prepped ready just have to cook it and make some parsley sauce.

DD2 is coming tomorrow, so need to sort out some lunch, ,aybe scrambled egg on toast and finish off the scotch broth. I need to give her a key to the new gate, someone said the house looked like a fortress with the fence and gate there.


  1. Cheers that all went so well and looked lovely for the display today!! It's wonderful each new quilter is learning, enjoying your good lessons, and taking steps from their own imaginations for fabric choices and easy projects! You're an excellent quiltie-mama!

    Sorry DB is still bothered by that annoying cough. I hope that can be cured asap.

    When I suggested painting flowers along the bottom of the new gate and fence that face the street, I was kidding, but it might be a fun idea after all. Few fortresses have flowers surrounding them. :)

    Your menus for tonight and tomorrow's lunch sound delicious!


  2. Your group of ladies sounds about the perfect size and you have taught them well.

    I thought your gate looked like it was very well done and appropriate for your bungalow.

    Glad to hear that DB will talk to the doctor next week about his cough. It must be hard to keep sleeping sitting up.

    Have a good visit with your DD2 and I am sure whatever you serve for lunch she will enjoy. There is nothing like having food your mum has made. I miss that so very much.

    Take care.

  3. Sorry to hear DB is still suffering with that cough. What a wonderful display of quilted goods. You must feel so pleased and proud that you've inspired those ladies to make such gorgeous things.

  4. Re the cough, I don't want to worry you but there is one doing the rounds here in Yorkshire and mine has lasted since October. The quilts look amazing - you are obviously a really good teacher and leader.


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