Monday, 11 January 2016

Manky Monday

Its been a very dank day again today. The forecast was for a dry day, it only began  to dry up this afternoon, too late for me to put the laundry out, so its on the clothes airer in the hall. Will put it in the sitting room when we go to bed tonight, that should help it to dry off.

Part of the Monday clean was done on Saturday, so just the bathroom and toilet to do today. Made a large pot if lentil and bacon sop for lunch, enough for another couple of days for lunch.

Had a phone call from the Dr this afternoon asking how DB was, I put him on the phone so he could speak to him. DB has been moaning about having a sore throat, told him to go to the Drs. cannot be doing with anything else.

Our support worker came this afternoon to check on us and check the phone was working ok for the support service.

We are off to see my quilting friend tomorrow. I also have a blouse to take back to Bon Marche.

Egg and wedges tonight, will finish off the bread and butter pudding I made yesterday.

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