Friday, 29 January 2016

Its Windy

Bright morning, but by gosh its windy. Was a bit apprehensive about driving to Grantham, as there were several places on the road where it is overhung by quite big trees, however, no problems, there was quite a bit of fallen wood on the road side, pity we could not stop to pick it up!!

Shopping done and put away, so just fruit and veg as needed for the next 4 weeks. There are 5 Mondays in February this year, due to it being a leap year.

DB complained that he had a job to get to sleep, when I woke briefly just after 2 he was snoring..... no coughing bouts thank goodness. He says his nose is clearer too this morning so looks like the cold is on the run.

Spent the evening yesterday sorting out the workshop, I need to see the Pastor next Wednesday to sort out the room. If we get a full class we should be able to hand over around £100 for the room, which will at least pay a heating bill.

I also have to sort out a coach for Malvern........need to try and find someone in the group to handle it.

Fish with mash and veg tonight.

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