Tuesday, 5 January 2016

It never rains but it pours

DB is now suffering from what the Dr thinks is a blow up of diverticular disease, he spent ages this morning tied to the toilet. Looks like he may not be fit to go on Friday, so I will have to drive there and back and do the eulogy he was going to do........life is a bummer sometimes.

I spoke to my ex last night, he has his car keys back, they were handed in to the police station by a lady, she found them near the local shop. He has also had the cash he lost refunded, his insurers paid it into the bank yesterday. He is complaining that he has to put the car in the garage at night and its very tight getting out, I know those garages were never really built for 4 x 4's. He assures me that Friday will not turn into a three ring circus, he has warned my eldest son to button it and behave. Whether he does or not is another matter. I will be so glad when it is all over.

Another load of washing done, I dried it in the dryer, its not really dried up outside all day. I have also just got the binding to sew down on the last three mats, had to do some creative sewing on the backing, two of them have joined pieces on. Hope to get at least one sewn down tonight.

DB insists he is having spag bol for supper, hmmmm..........we will see, he cannot have garlic bread he is off dairy for the moment.

This is the paper white that my quilting friend gave me for Christmas, just one bulb has produced 8 tiny white flowers.

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