Monday, 18 January 2016

Funday Monday

OH had a coughing fit that lasted half an hour last night. I was so tired, my brain just would not switch off, after 3am the last time I looked at the clock. felt crackered all day, but cheers I have not developed DB's cold.

Up at 8am, the chap doing the gate arrived to start digging out the holes for the fence posts. Problem No 1, the concrete slab next doors bungalow is resting on goes  about 15 inches into our garden, quick call to the council to see if we are allowed to fix a bearer to next doors wall, could not speak to the chap in the repairs dept, he was in a meeting, we got permission from someone else, so at some point a bearer will be fixed to next doors wall.

The chaps are juggling 3 jobs, us, a fence and our neighbours garden, expecting them back any time, the one post has been cemented in. The lock for the gate is a security bolt, an be locked from either side, also two bolts top and bottom. The gate is very sturdy, hopefully the fence will be too.

Monday clean done, I also managed to get the bell push apart, it needs a new battery, will get one in town on Thursday.

I have packed the stuff for the 'meet the groups' on Thursday, also started to reconcile the accounts ready for Lynne to take over as treasurer. I have had to order another cartridge for the printer, it goes through black ink like a hot knife through butter.

No cake in the house, so I made a ring of scone, George loves cake.

Cold lamb, jacket spuds, tomato and celery salad for supper, we will finish off yesterdays syrup sponge for dessert. Sunday and Monday are the only nights I make a dessert, the rest of the week we go without.

No news re DS1's partner. Need to ring ex and find out if he knows whats going on.

GD is now moaning that her Dad hid his camera, apparently it has a lot of photographs on the card. She has looked everywhere for it apparently, I wonder if its in his car??? I am not telling her, she can work it out for herself.

Right ofsky, the chaps are back, tea required to go with the scone.

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