Friday, 15 January 2016


DB slept sitting up again last night, it was almost 9am when I woke, so another very slow day. I know DB is not his usual self because normally he would never eat in bed, since Tuesday he has had his breakfast in bed every morning. I told him to put his coat on last Friday, it was bright but the wind viscious, he has the worst cold he has had for many years. Neither of us suffer usually. I will not be happy if he passes it on, too much coming up  for me to be ill.

I have accepted a price for the fence and gate, its being done on Monday. I drew cash from the post office, not making the same mistake my Ex made, the cash is in the safe under lock and key!!

A load of laundry out it has mostly dried, airing on the clothes airer just now, the sitting room is filled with the 'fresh air smell'

Fish, mash and veg tonight, we are going to the village hall later, there is a meeting to decide what's to be done with the hall, some plans have been drawn up for us to see. It does badly need decorating and new furnishing. The meeting room is really bad, I would not want to put a class on in there in its present state.

No Friday clean done today, might get to it tomorrow will see how I feel. I am so glad we are in the bungalow and I have not had to carry meals upstairs. I am tired enough as it is.

I did manage to iron the bed linen and put it away, there is shirt that needs a press, but it can wait.

So the weekend awaits hopefully by Monday DB will be raring to go. Its the 'meet the groups' day on Thursday, so things to be exhibited.

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