Monday, 4 January 2016

First Monday of a anew year

Here I am again on the same old same old. Laundry done, its on the whirly, we are forecast rain later so will have to keep my eye on it. Monday clean done, so thats over till next week. Will have to bring the Friday clean forward a day.

DB has gone to the Drs at my bidding, I need him to be ok this week, would not be able to cope at all if he is not with me on Friday.

Last night's gammon was delicious, I did roast spuds and parsnip, brussels and cauliflower with parsley sauce. We did not have the mince pies with our afternoon tea, a blob of ice cream and some cream, they slid down a treat as a dessert.

I am going cheese and herb frittata tonight with some salad. Will make some potato salad for a change. Banana's want eating up, so we will have them tonight and finish off the Christmas cream.

As far as Friday is concerned, I have distanced myself from facebook. GD can have her 15 minutes in the limelight, although so far she has had over 600 minutes of fame, she has always been the same, needs to be in the limelight.  We will go the 'the wake' but will not be staying for long, I dislike intensely 'wakes' that dissolve in to a drunken, maudlin mess. Nick was not a Catholic, so why they are having a wake I just do not know. Enough, I am sick and tired of the whole shebang.

Its fine so far, we have a slight breeze and a bit of blue sky, although I can see grey sky coming in from the west, it can bypass us with pleasure.

Right, off to drink my cup of tea and then into the sewing room to finish another mat top, I want to finish them all so I can layer them up and quilt the tops. then I just have to sort the binding machine it on and sew it down by hand.

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