Sunday, 31 January 2016

Sunday, Sunday

No coughing last night, woke at 5.30 for a loo visit and back to sleep. We had breakfast in bed and I did finally make it our around 10am. Still feel like a drowned rat though.

Fire laid ready to light, veg and pork prepped for supper. DB is having his siesta. I plan a Nana nap.

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Oh Fizz

Another bad night with DB coughing, the last time it happened we had been out to my friends, yesterday we had been shopping....hmmmmm. It was 11.30 before I got out of bed. Since then I have done the Friday clean. DB has been messing in the garden, it was fine and the sun shining, so we will see what happens tonight.

Just cup a soup for lunch, frittata for supper, with cheese I think and salad. Pork is out for tomorrow defrosting.

It was a bright morning but it has clouded over now, think we are due rain yet again........

Friday, 29 January 2016

Its Windy

Bright morning, but by gosh its windy. Was a bit apprehensive about driving to Grantham, as there were several places on the road where it is overhung by quite big trees, however, no problems, there was quite a bit of fallen wood on the road side, pity we could not stop to pick it up!!

Shopping done and put away, so just fruit and veg as needed for the next 4 weeks. There are 5 Mondays in February this year, due to it being a leap year.

DB complained that he had a job to get to sleep, when I woke briefly just after 2 he was snoring..... no coughing bouts thank goodness. He says his nose is clearer too this morning so looks like the cold is on the run.

Spent the evening yesterday sorting out the workshop, I need to see the Pastor next Wednesday to sort out the room. If we get a full class we should be able to hand over around £100 for the room, which will at least pay a heating bill.

I also have to sort out a coach for Malvern........need to try and find someone in the group to handle it.

Fish with mash and veg tonight.

Thursday, 28 January 2016


Better nights sleep, DB coughed 3 times and that was all. So I had a decent night.

The chiropodist came this morning and did our toe nails, so we have nice comfortable feet again.

I prepped the supper for when I got home from the quilting group.

The group went very well today, it was agreed that we go to Malvern for the spring show in May and also a workshop in March. We are going for lunch before next months meeting to the lakes at Eye Kettalby, DB is going with us.

I gave the girls their mats, I made them sit with their eyes closed and hands out, then went round and put a mat on each pair of hands and then told them to open their eyes. Went down very well. I also gave  the instructions out for the last 2 blocks of the sampler. Lots of laughs.............

DB had been ok with his 'sitter' he went just as I got back.

Trip to Aldi tomorrow all being well, if the weather is ok.

Still no news from DS1 regarding his partner, no idea what is going on there, but thats nothing new.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016


Terrible night, DB spent most of it coughing, so very little sleep, we did drift off around 7am, it was 10 am before I woke and well after 11 am before I got dressed. Made the breakfast and we ate it in bed.

Lunch was just cheese and biscuits. DB has asked for mince and dough balls for supper, I need to make the dough balls, the mince is de frosting. Will do cauli and carrots with it.

Its very windy, we have had a couple of showers but the rain held off long enough for us to walk down to the post office and collect the TV Choice.

I had to undo 6 rows on the baby coat, trust me to make a muck up of the most difficult rows in the pattern because I was watching the Marigold hotel programme at the same time.

Hope for a better night tonight, we did not get to Aldi will have to go either Friday or Sunday. Its the quilting group tomorrow, first one of the year. DB's sitter is coming to stay with him whilst I am out. Gives me peace of mind.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Gosh it's windy

Drs first, DB has to wait another week, if he is no better he has to go back, it's was suggested that some multi vitamins might be in order. The lump on my thumb is the result of the arthritis in my thumb......

Off then across the county to my quilting friends. Lovely bowl of chicken soup and a piece of apple pie and cream, yum yum!!

DB went and sat in the sitting room with his book. I sorted out some problems that CR had with her IPad. Another cuppa, and biscuits and we were on our way home. Made it just before dark descended. Lit the fire and by supper time it was cosy in the sitting room.

It has been very windy today, we did have some rain but not the amount we were expecting.

Tomorrow we are off to Grantham to do the shopping at Aldi.

Monday, 25 January 2016


Two loads of laundry out on the whirly this morning. I fetched them in just after lunch, it started to cloud over, the towels were about dry, the sheet and pillow case were also dry but the quilt cover still quite damp. Towels went in the dryer for 20 minutes, the rest folded, by the time I come to do the ironing everything will be just damp enough to iron without having to use steam.

Prepped the veg for tonight. Its Burns night, so haggis, neeps and tatties.......I hate cutting the swede, its so difficult to get a knife through, I ended up bashing it on the back step to get the knif through.

DB is still not right, he fell asleep in the cahir this morning, so I packed him off to bed, he slept for well over an hour. I woke him up taking his lunch in to him.

I have got the two sleeves to the baby caot done, have just cast on the 194 stitched to do the body of the coat, its knitted from the bottom, the sleeves join in at the yoke.

It was quite bright this morning, there was a fair breeze, its clouded over now, guess it might be the starts of the wet weather we were forecast for tomorrow....yuk......

Sunday, 24 January 2016


I see my stalker has returned, this message is for you!!

Draw your neck in and go bother someone else. I am not justifying to you or anyone else why we moved last June.

Washing as good as dried on the whirly today. It has been quite windy. Still no news about DS1's partner, ex will phone me.

A quick nip into town to get some knitting wool, DB managed to get seed potato's from Wilkinson and I got my quilting friend some shallots.

DS2's daughter sent a message to ask if I wanted the freezer back that I gave him 3 years ago, its coming home to roost when ex can get it into his car. I have an idea where it will go. I can certainly use it especially if DB manages to fully utilise our veg garden.

Busy week ahead. Drs and my quilting friend on Tuesday, Aldi at Grantham on Wednesday, quilting group on Thursday. I have made up a couple of samples to show the ladies for the workshop. I have the mats in a separate bag. We have a lady coming for a taster session, if she decides to stay it will bring the numbers back up again.

Fingers crossed the weather will be ok tomorrow, I need to change the bed linen and also wash towels, it would be good to get them dry outside for a change.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Slow Saturday

Very late waking this morning. Once up and breakfasted, I tackled the sitting room, should have done it yesterday but just could not be bothered. Everywhere is clean and tidy now, I just have the kitchen floor to wash. DB has just gone for his siesta, so I will be getting the mop out shortly.

I have laundry out, it was quite sunny earlier on, the sun has gone in, but there is a breeze so hopefully some of the thinner things will dry, the rest will go on the airer in the sitting room overnight. I have another load to go in tonight. Looked at the forecast, these are the best two days. I need to change the bed on Monday, think the sheets etc will have to be dried inside, the forecast is for rain.

Mac cheese for supper tonight with a mixed salad. Its shopping week this week. I still have cash left from last months shop, will be doing a menu plan and using more stuff from the freezer. I do fancy a beef stew with dumplings, so will see what Aldi have got.

I need to get a couple of samples done for the quilt group. I am putting on a Saturday workshop in the local chapel hall, decided to do the delectable mountains block, two different sizes to make. I have also sorted out the rent issue from the group, so I can tell our treasurer to pay it.

Going to put my feet up this afternoon and read.

Friday, 22 January 2016


Late waking this morning, DB brought my breakfast in. When I got up I nipped round to the group that meets at the Baptist Chapel, they seem to do mostly scrap booking which is not my thing, however you never know some of them may be interested in patch work.

DD2 arrived in time for lunch. DB had just gone to bed for his siesta, he wanted to be up to watch the indoor bowls.

DD2 and I had a couple of hours chatting. DGD is being made redundant by our local council, so she is not a happy bunny. Started to apply for jobs elsewhere.

We woke up to rain, then it cleared but by mid morning it was raining again. Late this afternoon it stopped raining and the sun came out for about 10 seconds

Starting to think about the workshop, I have cut out two blocks, will try and sew them together, so I have something to show the group on Thursday.

Scotch pies tonight with mash, carrots and peas.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Meet the Groups

Up and off out before 9am. Three of the ladies from the group were there to help me set up, several people came up to me and asked how I was. It has obviously travelled round that Nick passed away.

I was pleased with the display, we managed to fix the design wall to a screen and put the blocks on They looked good. A clear indication that choice of fabrics can make the same block look so different. Several of the ladies had sent their bags and pot holders was well. One lady told me she had made 5 pot holders as gifts for Christmas, and they were very well received. The ladies are certainly showing much more confidence in their abilities.

The two decorated Christmas trees looked well too.

The table was covered with bags, blocks and pot holders pinned to the front. Considering that this time last year none of the ladies had ever done any quilting I think they have done really well. I have had one lady drop out, but we have another lady coming for a 'taster' session next week at the group meeting. The numbers will be up to 10 then so I am not taking in any more, 10 is enough, especially as I have one lady who is a visual learner, I do have to spend quite a lot of time with her, so its good the other ladies can now get on without me.

It was bitterly cold and we had a heavy overnight frost, I was glad to get home and get some scotch broth for lunch.

DB is still suffering a bit with his cough, he has to go to the Drs. next week so will have a word then. He has requested fish tonight instead of tomorrow, so all prepped ready just have to cook it and make some parsley sauce.

DD2 is coming tomorrow, so need to sort out some lunch, ,aybe scrambled egg on toast and finish off the scotch broth. I need to give her a key to the new gate, someone said the house looked like a fortress with the fence and gate there.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Sun, but its Brrrrrr

Up and out this morning. Into town, filled the car up, under £1 a, then on to the library. I left OH in there and went over to Boyes for some bits and we then drove round to Lidl. Was pleasantly surprised at the bill, £12, brill.

Once home, soup on for lunch with some toast, put the shopping away. I replaced the battery in the bell so its working ok now, the ringer in the sitting room needed new batteries too.

The sun is out and mist cleared but its really cold when you are outside. A quick skip and jump to the coal house to sort out laying the fire, already to light it around 4pm. DB has gone for his siesta, I got him some cough sweets today, if his cough has not cleared by Monday he will be going to the Drs again. He slept sitting up again last  night. Took me a while to get off, but only roused when the alarm went off.

We have to be up early tomorrow, need to be at the venue just after 9am, so we need to leave here at 8.30. Everything is ready to go.

Bacon and shallot fritatta for supper tonight, will do a side salad to have with it. I bought 2 jam donuts from Lidl to have with our afternoon tea, naughty but nice!!

Tuesday, 19 January 2016


The fencers returned quite late yesterday, they had to give up as the light was gone. They were here just before 9am this morning to finish off.

This was this morning before the fencers came back.

New gate and fence from the front, this is what you see from the road.

Our view of the gate from the passage, our bungalow is to the right of the picture, you can just see the edge of the kitchen window cill.

I am really pleased, its a good sturdy gate and fence and should, with the correct care, last for a good few years. We have a security lock which can only be opened with a key from either side, and a bolt, top and bottom. The dustbins are outside the gate, to they can be easily collected by the bin men.

DB continues to cough, He slept sitting up again last night, if the cough does not clear I will be sending him back to the Drs. I managed a decent night, woke once about 4.15 soon dropped off again.

Used the bone from the lamb and some scotch broth mix with the addition of butter beans and yellow lentils to make a large pot of scotch broth. There is enough for another 2 lunches.

We were going to pool together a few things on Thursday when we have to be in town, have just realised the library is closed on Thursday, so we will have to go to the library and do the shop bits tomorrow. I need to put fuel in the car and check the tyres, 

I sat and made a pom pom for the hat I knitted yesterday to use up some of the left over wook, I need to sew it on now.

DB went for his usual siesta after lunch, I think I dropped off for a few minutes......nana nap. He is watching the bowls from Potters.

No news re DS1's partner. Ex was out last night, will try tonight.

Its very cold, has hardly crawled above freezing today, the snow has gone, but its bitterly cold out side. Will put a match to the fire shortly, I can feel the temperature in the sitting room dropping.

Monday, 18 January 2016

Funday Monday

OH had a coughing fit that lasted half an hour last night. I was so tired, my brain just would not switch off, after 3am the last time I looked at the clock. felt crackered all day, but cheers I have not developed DB's cold.

Up at 8am, the chap doing the gate arrived to start digging out the holes for the fence posts. Problem No 1, the concrete slab next doors bungalow is resting on goes  about 15 inches into our garden, quick call to the council to see if we are allowed to fix a bearer to next doors wall, could not speak to the chap in the repairs dept, he was in a meeting, we got permission from someone else, so at some point a bearer will be fixed to next doors wall.

The chaps are juggling 3 jobs, us, a fence and our neighbours garden, expecting them back any time, the one post has been cemented in. The lock for the gate is a security bolt, an be locked from either side, also two bolts top and bottom. The gate is very sturdy, hopefully the fence will be too.

Monday clean done, I also managed to get the bell push apart, it needs a new battery, will get one in town on Thursday.

I have packed the stuff for the 'meet the groups' on Thursday, also started to reconcile the accounts ready for Lynne to take over as treasurer. I have had to order another cartridge for the printer, it goes through black ink like a hot knife through butter.

No cake in the house, so I made a ring of scone, George loves cake.

Cold lamb, jacket spuds, tomato and celery salad for supper, we will finish off yesterdays syrup sponge for dessert. Sunday and Monday are the only nights I make a dessert, the rest of the week we go without.

No news re DS1's partner. Need to ring ex and find out if he knows whats going on.

GD is now moaning that her Dad hid his camera, apparently it has a lot of photographs on the card. She has looked everywhere for it apparently, I wonder if its in his car??? I am not telling her, she can work it out for herself.

Right ofsky, the chaps are back, tea required to go with the scone.

Sunday, 17 January 2016


It started snowing last night around 9pm, this morning everywhere was white, no more snow and now it seems to be thawing.

Whilst DB has been under the weather I have not been getting up until the back of 10am. This morning he was up just before me, he has been out with the camera to take some photos of the snow before it melts. He did put his coat on I am pleased to say.

The Morrison delivery came last night around 7.30, I guess they had no more late deliveries as I had paid for a £1 slot between 9 & 10pm. I had ordered a half shoulder of lamb, it was almost £9, blooming heck it will have to do for at least 3 suppers as well as soup!! DB requested that we have it today, so its prepped in the oven ready to cook. It will be cut in very thin slices!! The joint of pork is in the freezer and I also divided the liver up, got 5 suppers worth out of that.

No plans for the day, I need to sort out the stuff for the 'meet the groups' session at U3A on Thursday and also get ready for the quilting group meeting which is the week after next.

I was talking to the chap who runs the chapel round the corner at the cheese and wine do on Friday night. They have a nice hall which is adjacent to the kitchen and would be great for a workshop. He told me the chapel is run on a non profit making trust, so they do not charge for a room, we have to give a donation. That means I can pare back the cost considerably. Most quilt shops charge at least £25 if not more. I can cut that in half and with a group of 10 can give the church at least £100. I will have to see what the girls think a week on Thursday. I also need to see if they want to run a trip to Malvern for the spring show in May.

The side of the bungalow where the fence and gate are going.

I have  just heard from my ex that my eldest sons partner has had a tumour removed from her brain is has to have a scan on a second tumour. DS1 was going over to see her today, so will know more tonight. When is this all going to end.????? I just had a feeling that a tumour was the problem when I knew she had been transferred to Nottingham. It is the centre for treating brain tumours in this area.

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Slow Saturday

A slow start this morning, brekkie in bed again, its getting to be a habit, DB stayed in bed, I wanted to do the delayed Friday clean, he is better out of the way. Made mac cheese for supper tonight, a salad and will do a jacket spud with it. There is a banana wants eating fo DB will have that.

Last night I realised I had forgotten to let a friend know about Nick. I had to send her an email, naturally she was very shocked, one of her sons is of an age with Nick. When DD2 and Nick were teenagers we spent several holidays working on P's small holding. It was something Nick was keen to do and one of the reasons he worked so hard. Sadly he will not be a small holder now.

I lit the fire, DB had his after lunch siesta and has come through. Watching snooker just now.

I have an order coming from Morrison later, so if it does snow tonight, as they say it will, we will be ok, plenty of food, coal and wood. We do live on a bus route so although its not a good journey round the bends to Long Clawson we will be able to get out of we need to.

So far so good, no signs of the cold, so I think I have escaped, thank heavens........

Friday, 15 January 2016


DB slept sitting up again last night, it was almost 9am when I woke, so another very slow day. I know DB is not his usual self because normally he would never eat in bed, since Tuesday he has had his breakfast in bed every morning. I told him to put his coat on last Friday, it was bright but the wind viscious, he has the worst cold he has had for many years. Neither of us suffer usually. I will not be happy if he passes it on, too much coming up  for me to be ill.

I have accepted a price for the fence and gate, its being done on Monday. I drew cash from the post office, not making the same mistake my Ex made, the cash is in the safe under lock and key!!

A load of laundry out it has mostly dried, airing on the clothes airer just now, the sitting room is filled with the 'fresh air smell'

Fish, mash and veg tonight, we are going to the village hall later, there is a meeting to decide what's to be done with the hall, some plans have been drawn up for us to see. It does badly need decorating and new furnishing. The meeting room is really bad, I would not want to put a class on in there in its present state.

No Friday clean done today, might get to it tomorrow will see how I feel. I am so glad we are in the bungalow and I have not had to carry meals upstairs. I am tired enough as it is.

I did manage to iron the bed linen and put it away, there is shirt that needs a press, but it can wait.

So the weekend awaits hopefully by Monday DB will be raring to go. Its the 'meet the groups' day on Thursday, so things to be exhibited.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Better Night

Slightly better night, DB stopped coughing long enough to get to sleep, woke just once. I was very tired and did sleep in, breakfast in bed again.

Load of laundry hung out, it had almost dried when I nipped out to get it in, its on the airer in the hall airing off.

Pate on toast for lunch, the invalid is having a nap. His cough is not so harsh this morning and he does not appear to be running a temperature. He says his head feels heavy, so guess he had stuffed up sinuses. I given him the spray that I use for my sinusitis, should clear him until this evening.

I am going to look at having an order from Morrison, I am not going to get into town tomorrow, I can order bottles and cans that are heavy to carry. Along with the things I do need.

I am holding up ok, did have a message from GD yesterday about an iron she borrowed from her Dad. My ex was seeing the solicitor on Tuesday, need to ring and see how he got on.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Cough, cough cough

OH coughing all night, very little sleep, so late start this morning. Nothing much done all day. I did go to the chemist and get cough stuff.

Spaghetti Bol for supper.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Will the bad news never end??

I heard yesterday that my eldest sons ?partner had complained of a migraine last Friday. She was taken home. No better on Sunday so DS1 took her to LRI, they admitted her, yesterday she was transferred to Queens in Nottingham. I really hope it's not a brain tumour.

DB went to the Dr this morning, he has a spray for his throat. Our neighbour was getting her old fence taken down, we asked the chap to give us a quote for the fence and gate that Nick was going to do. They can do it next week.

I put the towels out on the line, fetched them in when it started to rain, just finished them off in the dryer.

Sausage and mash for supper tonight, will finish off the beans from last night. 

Monday, 11 January 2016

Manky Monday

Its been a very dank day again today. The forecast was for a dry day, it only began  to dry up this afternoon, too late for me to put the laundry out, so its on the clothes airer in the hall. Will put it in the sitting room when we go to bed tonight, that should help it to dry off.

Part of the Monday clean was done on Saturday, so just the bathroom and toilet to do today. Made a large pot if lentil and bacon sop for lunch, enough for another couple of days for lunch.

Had a phone call from the Dr this afternoon asking how DB was, I put him on the phone so he could speak to him. DB has been moaning about having a sore throat, told him to go to the Drs. cannot be doing with anything else.

Our support worker came this afternoon to check on us and check the phone was working ok for the support service.

We are off to see my quilting friend tomorrow. I also have a blouse to take back to Bon Marche.

Egg and wedges tonight, will finish off the bread and butter pudding I made yesterday.

Sunday, 10 January 2016


Bad night last night was drinking tea at 2am. DB let me sleep in this morning.

I have sorted out the bits and strips Christmas fabric, so its all tidy again. Now looking at working on some UFO's.

Marjorie you asked about my cleaning routine. I did have a page with full details on, but took it down some time ago. Basically I divide the cleaning into 2 days. Monday....bedroom, sewing room, bathroom and toilet and Friday, hall, sitting room and kitchen. I use a method I was taught at college which means that I do not have to spring clean; When I first started it took me a while, but as time went on I got faster. On average it takes me about an hour and a half both days. I try to wash using the Econ 7, so when I get up the laundry is ready to go out on the line. If there is ironing to do I try to do it on Tuesday. When I go shopping I bring stuff to the front so nothing it out of date, I wipe the shelves as I go.  The fridge the same.The freezer defrosts automatically as I use stuff I wipe out the drawers with a damp cloth. I do an audit of the freezers and cupboards before I do my monthly shop. make up menus using stuff I have in first. This month apart from fresh fruit and veg we are living out of the cupboards and freezer.

I fell asleep on the settee this afternoon, lit the fire early, it was getting quite cool in the sitting room, temperature is falling I will have to turn the electric heating up a bit tonight.

Out a couple of afternoons this coming week.

Just enjoying a glass of cold rose.... before I cook the supper. Pork chops, roast spuds and parsnip, brussels and carrots. I cut up a panettone, have made a bread and butter pudding for dessert, the panettone thats left is in the freezer, it will make two more.

Saturday, 9 January 2016


We slept in this morning.Once up a quick delayed Friday clean and the kitchen floor washed.

I spoke to my quilting friend on the phone, we are going over to see her on Tuesday. 

After lunch we went out for a ride, I was feeling a bit cabin feverish, so went to our local garden centre to pick u some more green slate and treat ourselves to a pot of tea and a toasted teacake.

Its been quite a cold grey day, the sun did come out briefly and just after we got home it started to rain.Lit the fire and closed the curtains.

Belly pork casserole for supper with mash, carrots and brussels.

Friday, 8 January 2016

The Most Difficult Day of My Life

Today was the day we said gooodbye to my youngest son Nicholas. As I expected the chapel was full, many of Nicks friends had travelled, one right from Cornwall, and workmates who were on nights stayed up to be with us.

Thankfully it was a sunny day, although very cold.

Nicks son K, and my oldest son took the first two places carrying the coffin in.

DB made a splendid job of reading what I had written, just the right amount of joy and pathos, it helped so much to lift the atmosphere.

Both Nicks elder and younger daughters spoke about their dad, poor M could hardly say what she wanted to for tears. My youngest daughter had to leave the service just as the curtains came round, I knew she was not well when we picked her up, it all got too much, so her cousin and her husband took her home, so DB and I could stay for a while.

We went to the reception, stayed for a while catching up with various people and then decided to make our way home. We now have closure, I just have to accept that we will no longer see him. 

Life will never be the same again, but he will live on forever in our hearts. Life goes on and I must go on with it.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Tomorrow is the day

It was very wet and cold this morning. A quick trip to the hairdressers to the coffee get my hair trimmed, then back to pick DB up and off to Morrison in Melton for a top up shop.

Not too bad, just £20 including a jar of Dowe Egberts Gold blend coffee. We rarely use instant coffee, I prefer the coffee from the machine, but a couple of people who visit quite like instant.

Back home via Lidl for eggs, bag unpacked and put away and then lunch, we had what was left of last nights quiche with tomato and a crusty cob.

I went into the sewing room whilst DB had his siesta and sorted out the bits left from my mat making, they are all finished now.

This is all 10 of them, none exactly the same, some are sughtly smaller than others depending on how much fabric I had left for the borders.

I have started to get my things ready for tomorrow, changed over my handbag, my blouse needed a slight press so thats done and its hanging up. It depends on how cold it is whether I opt for a cardigan under my coat.

I have to be honest I am dreading it, but clench the teeth and the buttocks and I will do what has to be done.

DB is much better today and insists that he is coming, so be it. We are taking my younger daughter GD is going with her father, she knows the way and he has a propensity to get lost. It will be an early start for us.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

A job well done

When we had the carpets fitted, I did not really think about the front door. the carpet was showing signs of the rubber flange under the door marking the carpet, and we could not have a mat at the door to step on with dirty shoes, not enough clearance under the door. I rang the carpet shop, the chap came yesterday and measured up, this morning he phoned, within an hour the new mat was installed.

So now you step in onto the mat and then onto a further slip mat if you want to take off your shoes. 

Pleased to say that DB is a little better this morning, I did manage to get him round to the coffee morning at the little Church in the Lane, we then walked down to the post office and back round the square home. He insists that he will be fine for Friday. He has a bottle of jallop to take twice a day, to try and  'clear him out'.

It was quite misty first thing, but the sun is valiantly trying to get through just now. We had a lady round with a survey about the recent work they did for the council, I left DB answer it. Neither of us were particularly impressed especially with the work on the facias, which we were told would  removed and replaced by UPVC. In fact all they did was rub them down and paint over the rotten bits in a years time they will need doing again.

Quiche and salad for supper, doing a couple of jacket spuds as well. No idea what we will have for dessert as yet.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

It never rains but it pours

DB is now suffering from what the Dr thinks is a blow up of diverticular disease, he spent ages this morning tied to the toilet. Looks like he may not be fit to go on Friday, so I will have to drive there and back and do the eulogy he was going to is a bummer sometimes.

I spoke to my ex last night, he has his car keys back, they were handed in to the police station by a lady, she found them near the local shop. He has also had the cash he lost refunded, his insurers paid it into the bank yesterday. He is complaining that he has to put the car in the garage at night and its very tight getting out, I know those garages were never really built for 4 x 4's. He assures me that Friday will not turn into a three ring circus, he has warned my eldest son to button it and behave. Whether he does or not is another matter. I will be so glad when it is all over.

Another load of washing done, I dried it in the dryer, its not really dried up outside all day. I have also just got the binding to sew down on the last three mats, had to do some creative sewing on the backing, two of them have joined pieces on. Hope to get at least one sewn down tonight.

DB insists he is having spag bol for supper, hmmmm..........we will see, he cannot have garlic bread he is off dairy for the moment.

This is the paper white that my quilting friend gave me for Christmas, just one bulb has produced 8 tiny white flowers.

Monday, 4 January 2016

First Monday of a anew year

Here I am again on the same old same old. Laundry done, its on the whirly, we are forecast rain later so will have to keep my eye on it. Monday clean done, so thats over till next week. Will have to bring the Friday clean forward a day.

DB has gone to the Drs at my bidding, I need him to be ok this week, would not be able to cope at all if he is not with me on Friday.

Last night's gammon was delicious, I did roast spuds and parsnip, brussels and cauliflower with parsley sauce. We did not have the mince pies with our afternoon tea, a blob of ice cream and some cream, they slid down a treat as a dessert.

I am going cheese and herb frittata tonight with some salad. Will make some potato salad for a change. Banana's want eating up, so we will have them tonight and finish off the Christmas cream.

As far as Friday is concerned, I have distanced myself from facebook. GD can have her 15 minutes in the limelight, although so far she has had over 600 minutes of fame, she has always been the same, needs to be in the limelight.  We will go the 'the wake' but will not be staying for long, I dislike intensely 'wakes' that dissolve in to a drunken, maudlin mess. Nick was not a Catholic, so why they are having a wake I just do not know. Enough, I am sick and tired of the whole shebang.

Its fine so far, we have a slight breeze and a bit of blue sky, although I can see grey sky coming in from the west, it can bypass us with pleasure.

Right, off to drink my cup of tea and then into the sewing room to finish another mat top, I want to finish them all so I can layer them up and quilt the tops. then I just have to sort the binding machine it on and sew it down by hand.

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Rain Again

Chucking it down again, very dark, will have to put the lights on soon. Have also lit the fire. I am sure the sitting room heater is not working correctly, the chap who knows says it is. Cannot wait to get rid of the damn things.

A bit more sewing this morning, having problems with the mats turning out properly, still I will best it one way or another.

No news re Ex's break in. I had to block my eldest son on facebook last night, evil stuff he spouted about something he knows nothing about. I suspect that Nicks siblings are feeling guilty, they did rather loose touch with him, the last time he saw his eldest sister was Christmas 2014 at his younger sisters. I will be so glad when its all over, guess we will still have to put up with GD posting on facebook how much she misses him.  

DB has just gone for his siesta, we are having some of the gammon joint I cooked on boxing day for supper, will do some roasties, brussels and carrots with it and some parsley sauce. Guess it might be bananas for dessert.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

What a Wonderful Srart to 2016.....Not

Had a message from DD2 this morning, my ex husband had had burglars. He heard a noise New Years Eve, thought it was next door, so did not investigate. Went down yesterday morning to find the patio doors wide open, Christmas presents, a cheque, cash for our sons funeral and his car keys gone. Low life....want their hands chopping off. He had an estimate to replace the locks on his car, £400 the car is not even worth that.

I wish he would move, the area he lives in is rife with burglary and drugs. His partner left the house to him for his lifetime, if he moves he will have to fund his own accommodation.

Its a wet day here, I started making up the 3 extra mats, have given up, two of them the bits are not fitting properly, so the lot is in the bin. I will start again tomorrow, fresh fabric, the lot.

My quilting friend phoned me, she has not been well, caught a nasty cold from her son, spent Christmas in bed. I must try and get over to see her next week sometime. She is thinking about moving nearer to her family in Bristol.

Supper tonight, quiche, salad and jacket spud, another of the mincepies each for dessert, that just leaves enough for us to have tomorrow for afternoon tiffin.

Friday, 1 January 2016

New Years Day 2016


  A Very Happy New Year To All My Readers.

We did not stay up to welcome in the new year, but we were still awake as the bells rang midnight. No rowdy parties, no fireworks, just blessed peace and quiet.

We were late up this morning, it was after 10 am
 before we finished our breakfast, so just yogurt and fruit for lunch, we will have supper early, the usual fish, wedges, and peas. I have some mince pies left so one each with some cream on top for dessert.

I decided this morning, whilst watching the traditional concert from Vienna, to sew down the binding on the table mats I made before Christmas, I have done 2 this morning and am going to do 2 more this afternoon. I still have 3 mats to make and one to finish sewing the binding on. I will give them to the ladies at the meeting at the end of this month. I am pleased with the way the group is going, some of the ladies have enough confidence to try simple things on their own, and also to recognise the make up of blocks.

Its fine, no rain and the sun is valiantly trying to get through, a bit of a losing battle it would seem. The cloud base is very low.

We have been going through the seeds to see what we are going to grow this year. We are going on holiday at the end of April, so will plant the potato's before we go. Seeds sown when we get back unless they are plants we are going to buy. Hopefully we will be able to grow most of our veg and some of the fruit this year.

I need to go through our budget and sort things out, see what cash we may have to put into our savings to pay for the multi fuel stove and also get the fencing and back gate sorted. I want to try and get both done by June if possible.