Thursday, 10 December 2015

Yuk, its raining

DB at the Drs this morning, blood test ok, he is waiting for an appointment for another colonoscopy......aarrgghhhh I well remember the last one..........

He took my BP monitor back, waiting a summons for medication.........

After lunch we went into town to the bank, did a bit of shopping, it was slinging down again. We called in to see DD2 but she had been given a half day. DB got his glasses adjusted once again, they are making his nose sore now!!

Glad to get home and light the fire. We are having tomorrows fish supper tonight, we will be stuffed tomorrow its the Pensioners Lunch at the Baptist chapel, so it will be a light supper for us.

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  1. It sounds like you and DB got a lot done despite the rain. I hope to get a lot accomplished before the rain is forecast to arrive here on Monday.

    Sorry DB's glasses continue to bother his nose. Are the lenses glass? I remember FIL had a pair of glasses that were heavy because of the glass lenses and that was the cause of the irritation to his nose. He got plastic lenses that were lighter weight and there was no further discomfort.

    Isn't it a delight to come home from the rain or cold to a cozy, welcoming room and a cuppa?

    Am about to sew the binding onto the Scottie panel and the hanging triangles are already pinned in place so they cannot be forgotten again.



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