Wednesday, 9 December 2015


Feeling a bit better today, although I did fall asleep on the sofa this afternoon.

My arm has gone down a bit and is not quite so red, still itches like the devil though.

OH cut the grass this morning including the new piece, it was getting very long. Our neighbours have put lights on the top of the fence and round the roof. I suppose I aught to get the houses etc out, need to decide where to put them, could put them on the window cill, but would not be able to draw the curtains....hmmmmm.

Need to sort myself for tomorrow we have an appointment in the town tomorrow afternoon. DB needs to go to the Drs in the morning for the results of his blood test from last week. He can take my BP machine back at the same time.

On the last lap with the knitted blanket, just finished the last cream piece.

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  1. Cheers that your arm is a bit better but hope the doctor will give you some pill or cream to decrease the annoying itching.

    More cheers that your newly knitted blanket is so near to completion!

    I've made good progress on machine quilting the little Scottie panel and am now working to stitch around the Scotties at the bottom of the tree. If I can get this ready for binding today, I may put our tree up tomorrow. When the decorations would be put on it might be another story.

    Yes, I've got Mannheim Steamroller playing as I sew. It is glorious, energetic music, and keeps me going. The CD that's playing now is "Christmas Extraordinaire".



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