Tuesday, 29 December 2015


Another load of laundry out today, just needed a few minutes in the dryer to air the stuff.

More trouble with GD last night, asked for advice and then rode straight through it. I have given up am going to cancel my Facebook account, it's all getting too much.

It's been a fine day, chap came to give us a quote for a gate and fence that Nick was going to do for us, it will make our back garden more secure.


  1. So sorry that bothers and upsets with GD continue. That is so unkind and selfish of her.

    Hope the quote for the fencing work is within your budget as having a more secure home is necessary. It's a wonder (or not) that the council didn't do it for you based on home security.

    It's a chilly, damp day here and I'm having serious trouble getting myself in gear to do anything. What's up with that?

    Big hugs!


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