Thursday, 24 December 2015

The Madness Continues

GD has really upset me today, she arranged the service without asking us if we want to have any part in it. I am royally hissed off.

DB has been in contact with her all morning trying to sort out the mess she has made. 5 speakers...the congregation will be really bored.

That is the last I am saying on the subject. I have tried to keep out of it but there are just some things you cannot let go.

Dull first thing, the sun is just trying to come out, DB has an appointment to see the hearing people at the hospital this afternoon re his deafness. I have to go and collect a pair of shoes I ordered, if they fir ok. Also need a quick trip to Morrison for yogurt if they have any left, I doubt it....he will have to eat fruit if I cannot get any.

Still suffering with the fibro and my BP must be on rocket fuel level.


  1. hugs - some people don't realise that a funeral doesn't revolve around one person, and it's there to comfort ALL who are left behind. Sending prayers x

  2. My sympathy to you and your family as your formerly DGD has gone off the deep end making things more difficult for everyone. Save yourself, your peace of mind, and your BP by keeping your distance if you need to. Nick knows your love for him was and is steadfast and forever.

    I'm just in from one last errand, so have all in place for meals, cookies, and stockings... I think.

    More rain today after day-long rain yesterday. We've had more than 3.5" of rain in the last week and it's 70*F.

    Big hugs

  3. Can't add anything to the good advice given by Barbara Ann. You were the first face he ever knew and he will live in your heart, broke though it is, forever xxx

  4. Good words from Barbara Anne. Continued hugs.

  5. I'm sorry the madness is continuing. Prayers that every thing settles soon. Funerals are hard enough to get though as they are without any added heartache.

  6. Unfortunately, these times seem to bring out the worst in folk. I remember my Mother being gutted when my brother passed, she wasn't considered at all when making arrangements, but it is the way it is, 'nearest' have to sort things out, even though you will always be nearest to him as a Mother.
    Accept it with grace, rise above it and keep your dignity.

  7. hugs to you from the Cheshire I have read your blog for many years and love your thoughts on everything. Please continue to air them now to us if it helps people who read regularly are your friends to lean on. xxxx Su


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