Sunday, 13 December 2015

Soaking Sunday

It was very dark again this morning, we overslept. It had obviously been raining but seemed to have stopped. By 10.30 it was slining down again.

DB had swept up the mud left by the fencers on Friday, sorted the coal and wood for the fire and spent a while chopping sticks.

I finished sorting the sewing room, still quite a bit of stuff hanging about, but its much tidier. We are going to U3A on Thursday so will take in the stuff for the dump, I need to check and make sure its open. They alter the opening times in the winter.

Chicken etc prepped for supper just have to switch on the combi to cook the chicken, when it comes out roast spuds and butternut squash will go in whilst the chicken rests. I made a syrup songe yesterday so a couple more sices for tonight, we will finish it off tomorrow.

DB has started going for his siesta again, he had dropped it off for a few days, but was then falling asleep in the chair. Just about an hour is enough for him.

I am going to put a match to the fire and read until he gets up.

I was knitting last night, had to put it down whilst watching Strictly, I kept doing the pattern row wrong. Have just 2 more bands to do after this one, then have to weave in all the ends. Its a job I hate, but it has to be done.


  1. I am with you on weaving ends in, I try to keep up as I go but sometimes it slips. I will be putting the sewing room to bed for a few weeks tomorrow. I have some shelves to put up and plan on a shuffle round, and a turn out, again.

  2. Busy day here so am late posting ...

    Good on you to be so close to finishing the knitting project. Have never done any knitting since age 12 when my first attempt at making a baby bootie ended up fitting my foot. Wishing you well weaving in those many ends of yarn. I'd always wondered how knitters ended when they changed yarn colors.

    Sunny today, rain due tomorrow arvo. The Christmas tree is going up but I need to get the tree lights indoors before the rain starts.

    Your syrup sponge sounds interesting. Is there a recipe posted for that?



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