Tuesday, 15 December 2015

So Now I know

Phone call just after 8.30am this morning, the surgery, the sample I sent off last week has grown something, Dr. prescribed medication, could we pick it up. Suddenly everything made sense. When I was in hospital they mentioned I had a bit of a urine infection, but because of the drugs I was given when my pacemaker was put in they did not intend to treat it.

When I left hospital there was no mention of an infection or that I should see my GP for antibiotics. No wonder I have felt lousy.....I have been cooking the damn thing since June. I am a bit wary of the antibiotic, its amoxicillin, not too sure about that, it remains to be seen what happens. I have taken the first tablet. DB had to see the nurse for his INR so he collected the script from the onsite chemist.

The sitting room storage heater is almost cold so I have lit the fire, will have to see what happens tonight. I hate the damn thing, its either too hot or stone cold. At least we have the fire and I can light it.

Need to get butter out of the freezer to make shortbread for the U3A meeting on Thursday. DD1 is coming on Sunday so I will make enough for them as well.

DB going for his siesta shortly, I may well doze on the settee, need to get my strength up, have things to do Thursday and Friday and then again next Tuesday. Taking the chance to rest when I can. I have bed linen to iron but it can wait until I feel a bit better. I hope this is not the 'seasonal illness' rearing its head again. For many years I toiled through Christmas day with some sort of illness, cold etc. It was a red letter day if I did not retire to bed after I had cooked the lunch. Have not had it in recent years.

Its dull and there is quite a mist, fire is taking its time to burn. I have noticed its often like that when its damp out.

The council workers are still with us, pointing next doors side wall, so all the muck is falling onto our side path, something else to sweep up. Have not had a chance to go and see what damage there is to the back garden herbaceous border.

I am on the ast 24 rows of the blanket, should finish the knitting this weekend, weaving in the ends is another matter!!


  1. Hope your antibiotics do the trick. Nasty old urine infections. Touch wood I haven't had one for a number of years now but I used to suffer frequently.
    Have a nice nap-x-

  2. Hope you are feeling better, infections really do make one feel out of sorts. I am allergic to amoxicillin, five years ago the dentist gave me a series of pills to take for what he thought was an infection, broke out in an itchy red rash which lasted for a whole month. Now wear a medic bracelet which indicates the allergy, which my Dr advised could be worse next time if I was given it for another infection.
    Wet and mild here, no snow or temps below the zero, does not hurt my feelings any, hope we don't end up paying for this weather at the other end of Winter
    Feel better soon.

  3. hugs - I have never had a problem with amoxicillin. Take care x

  4. Cheers that you now know what has been making you feel so awful! Be sure to have a bit of food in your tummy when you take your Amoxicillin and never take it with an acidic beverage like orange juice. I've been astonished that some doctors no longer tell patients to take their antibiotics at regular intervals over 24 hours, like 6-12-6-12 for four times a day; 8-4-12 for three times a day; or 10-10 if it's twice a day. That was drilled into us when I was in nursing school.

    I intend to make shortbread, too, but need to get the tree decorated and the house clean first.

    Well done on being so close to finished with your knitting project! Hope the weaving can be done while sitting watching TV as the blanket keeps you warm.

    Warm and sunny here, too, and the forecast for Christmas is 75*F and showers possible.



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