Friday, 18 December 2015


We went this afternoon to say goodbye to Nicholas before he goes to the undertaker. My husband, daughter and granddaughter came with us and we met Lauren and Amanda at the hospital.
We know now that Nicholas knew nothing of what happened it was so quick in his sleep. He had a massive double haemorrhage.  I am glad he did not suffer. He looked so peaceful. I am now able to accept that I will never see him again. It is hard, but thats the way it will be.

Thank you all for your messages, they mean so much to us. We now have to face the funeral after Christmas.


  1. So sorry, but I hope there's some comfort in knowing that he didn't suffer. Best wishes.

  2. Oh Anne I am so sorry, Nicholas was too young to leave you in this way, it's so unfair - you and Edwin must feel broken at the moment - take care, my thoughts and prayers are with you, Hugs xxx

  3. Such a hard time for you all - but as you say, it is good that it was quick and Nicholas would not have suffered. May God grant you his peace, and surround you with loving and supportive friends as you go through these dark days. You remain in our thoughts and prayers xx

  4. You will always have Nicholas in your heart. With love to you at this awful time. X

  5. Sweet friend, I hope it is of some comfort you and your family that Nicholas slipped away without pain or distress and that he looked so peaceful as you bid him good-bye.

    May the love of family and friends, good memories, funny family stories, and the peace of knowing his life was well lived sustain you all as you get used to his absence.

    Grace and peace be with you.

  6. You gave your son a beautiful name Nicholas. I am so glad that he looked so peaceful and that you were able to tell him goodbye.

    Most of us will never know the grief of losing a child and the pain you and Edwin are experiencing. I am so very sorry.

    May God grant you and your family his peace.

  7. My condolences on the loss of your son. May love and peaceful support surround you as you grieve his passing.

  8. I am so saddened for you. I can only imagine the heartache. Will keeping you and yours in my prayers.

  9. I hope that you can find peace in the coming days and weeks.
    I am so sorry for the pain you and your family are feeling.
    I hope it helps a little to know that he did not suffer and that he looked so peaceful.

    Take care of yourselves.
    Love from Pam in TX.xx

  10. We are holding you close to our hearts despite the distance between us. Knowing Nicholas didn't suffer pain, or a lengthy illness, but was taken peacefully by the Lord to a better place, will give you some solace at this very difficult time dear.
    Bob and I are so very sorry. We send our love to you and your family and will keep you in our prayers.
    Mary x

  11. What a devastating time for you but I am so glad that you know Nicholas didn't suffer.
    Wishing you strength through the coming days-x-

  12. So glad Nicholas didn't suffer. I can't imagine the pain you are going through at this moment. I pray you and the rest of your family will find some peace in the coming days.


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