Monday, 14 December 2015


Damp start this morning, it did clear later. The council workmen were here again. Rubbed down the paintwork and then tried to sweep it away, its all over the garden. All our wire fencing has been done, I need to go out now and see what state the garden is in, I hope they have not squashed any of my plants.

Monday clean done, scones made for visitors and a loaf on. Laid the fire ready to light. The loaf turned out much better than the last two. I will slice it tomorrow and put it in the freezer

DB went for his siesta, up just before our visitors arrived. As I expected the lady wanted to have a look round, got stuck in the sewing room, thought we would never get out!! DB shouted that he had made the tea, they left after scones and tea.

I put the washer on during the morning, did get the stuff onto the whirly and it was almost dry when DB fetched it in. Will put it on the airer in the sitting room when we go to bed. Hopefully iron it tomorrow.

It turned very cold after lunch I was glad we lit the fire. I put one piece of wood on after I  lit it, shut the fire up and its still going. I just might turn the storage heater off and make the fire up, see if it stays in overnight.

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  1. It sounds as if you treated your visitors to lovely tea and scones.

    Hope your garden is intact after the ridiculous mess the workers left. If they squashed your plants can you expect to be reimbursed for the damage?

    We're just in from mailing the last of the packages and I've brought in the lights for the tree so if we get the rain that's forecast, I can work on the tree.

    It's still crazy warm here with the humidity staying above 80% so the air feels dense.



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