Monday, 7 December 2015


 Late start this morning past 8.30 when I woke. I forced myself to do the Monday clean. Just really did not feel like doing it.

The chaps are back doing the facias, ours is going to have to be completely replaced its all rotten, so plenty of banging and crashing tomorrow.

We missed the library bus, it came last week, so we had to go into town, neither of us had books to read. DB also went to the opticians. The arms of his glasses have rubbed the side of his head, so they needed bending down a bit.

Had a job lighting the fire tonight, despite the wood etc being dry, it just would not go, had to re-set it.

I did a load of laundry overnight, I had to put it on the airer, although it was not raining, the ground was not drying up. I will bring it into the sitting room when we go to bed.

My sewing room looks like a disaster area, fabric all over the place, I am going to have to try and get rid of some of it. The U3A has a drama group, they might be able to use some of it. I do have some I can offer to the group for lining bags etc and also some heavy calico, not sure what I am going to do with that.

We have an appointment at the bank on Thursday, I want to change our account

Friday we are joining some other' older citizens' at the Baptist Chapel for a Christmas lunch.  Apart from those two events it should be a quiet week.

Melton has 1250 Christmas trees on display in our local St Mary's Church, there was quite a bit about them on the news this evening. They put on a display every year. This year they have broken their record of 1000 trees set last year. The display finishes tomorrow.

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  1. Hope you can get a peek at the many trees on display at St. Mary's church before it's gone as that sounds quite festive. The Friday Christmas lunch sounds a treat, too, so hope you two enjoy it.

    My sewing room is also a disaster area but it cannot be helped yet. I finished and posted the LB panel and hope to fuse the Scottie panel to its batting and backing in a bit.



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