Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Last but one day of the year

The weather is horrendous, it has been blowing a hoolie since the middle of the night and shows no signs of abating at all. At least we do not have the torrential rain that has plagued the north of the country. I am so sad for those who have had their houses flooded again. I am afraid I am one of those who would like to see the overseas aid budget spent to help these people. The UK always responds magnificently when help is wanted in other countries. Now its our turn and so far....... nothing. I was always taught charity begins at home.

We braved the weather and went to Morrison's for bread and milk, dropped some stuff off in the charity shop and then on to the library to change our books. DB enquired about the mobile library, it is coming the first Monday of the month, stopping in our road for just 10 minutes and then off to the school. I think we will be going more to the main library, even though we have to pay for parking. Its easy enough to slot in a visit to the library. We have to pass it on our way out of town.

Although the wind was very strong we did not see much damage, the open bits of the road were a bit hairy but we got there and back ok.

No laundry today, will put the towels in tonight, I think they may well dry on the whirly tomorrow otherwise they will have to go on the airer. Tomorrow is clean up day, so we start 2016 with a clean house, although I will not be clearing the grate out as my MIL used to do. No washing new years day either, my Grand mother always said it was unlucky, and we had enough bad luck this year without asking for a repeat performance in 2016 thank you.

Liver and bacon tonight, have a rice pudding for dessert. All the rich Christmas food has now gone with the exception of some of the gammon which is in the freezer and a pannetone which we like buttered, I will also use some of it for a bread and butter pudding, maybe tomorrow.

Andie: The clearing the grate was something that was done by my MIL and also DB's first wife in Scotland. New years eve she would clean the house and make sure there was no dirty laundry. During the evening around 11pm the grate would be cleared out, the ash pan emptied and then the fire relit to welcome the new year.

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