Saturday, 5 December 2015

Its Windy

DB went out to the shed to get coal in this morning and found that the log pile had collapsed onto the top of the coal. The wind must have rocked the shed enough to dislodge them.

Was just doing a delayed Friday clean when DD2 and DGD walked in, I knew they were coming but no idea of time. They stayed for some lunch before heading back to town. The kitchen will get sorted tomorrow, not doing any more today, time to chill.

It is still blowing a hoolie out there, very strong winds and the trees are taking a battering. There is a caravan rally on the village hall car park,do not envy them one bit, the vans must be really rocking.

Off to get my head down for half an hour for a Nana nap, feeling a bit tired.

The Christmas Quilt is on the bed, so guess Christmas is on its way.

A bit better shot of the patterns. This quilt was a month by month kit by Jo-Ann in the US. My friend from Indy bought the complete set of 12 blocks plus the fabric for the sashing in the sale for if I remember rightly $24. I could put some extra quilting on, I did not quilt the borders or round the bow at the top.

 It goes on the bed until after Christmas and then it goes back in its bag in the drawer till next year.


  1. Beautiful quilt. Still blowing a hoolie here as it has been all day in SW Scotland and Nith overflowing and floodin part of town.
    Keep cosy!!

  2. What a beautiful quilt.
    I love the colours.

  3. That's such a lovely Christmas quilt - snuggling under it must feel really good!
    Your weather sounds a bit fierce with those winds - lovely sunshine and about 60F today as we head out to an annual Christmas music concert - some years it has snowed as we've waited in the line to get into the church for this one, but not today!

    Take care - hugs, Mary

  4. Thank you for showing us your quilt. I am a newby to quilting and although I love it I am quite slow, but I love the challenge of doing a carefully finished piece of work. Your Christmas quilt is beautiful. Ann x

  5. Back again to check in and am delighted to see your lovely and festive Christmas quilt again! It's just a delight, isn't it?

    I'm about to sew the outer border on the LB panel after making a quiche and starting dishwashers in both households plus doing a lot of this and than.


  6. What a wonderful Christmas Quilt. Thank you for sharing.


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