Saturday, 12 December 2015

Its raining.......again

Dark, grey, wet day, it has not stopped raining all day.

I decided it was the day to start and sort out my sewing room again!! I have found a number of UFO's no idea what I was intending to use them for, found a set of 2 strips different widths sewn together, what are they for? beats me. I am undoing them will put the strips in the strip box.

I found the squares for 3 more table mats, guess I had better do them and get going with sewing the binding on the ones that are made up.

The fabric I was given from our group member who passed away has been pressed and recut either into strips or squares, the dress fabric etc I have put in bags to take to the charity shop. I am sure someone will be able to use it. There is some velvet and satin which the U3A dramatic group might be able to use at some point.

I put the decorations out last night, As I was putting the fairy lights round the models that came from the US, I spent a moment think about DB's relatives we had gone to stay with for Christmas 1992. They bought us the bungalow thats on the right hand side of the dresser that Christmas. The Ice Cream Parlour and Picture House were given to us by Henriette when we went to stay with her after her husband died. I put them out every year along with the two models that their son Drew gave us. Sadly Drew died in 1995 followed later that year by his father. Out of a family of 6 there is just one son left.  We have not heard from him since just after his mother died. I did a search on Facebook and have found him, I sent a brief message last night.

I spent the morning in the sewing room and an hour this afternoon, it was getting quite chilly, so I am now in the sitting room undoing a set of sewn together strips. I lit the fire straight after lunch for some reason the sitting room was quite chilly. Nice and toasty now.

Feeling a bit lazy tonight so egg and wedges for supper, might make a lemon sponge pudding, it will last us at least 2 supper desserts with either cream or custard.


  1. You certainly spent your rainy day doing worthwhile tasks that it's good to have done. Perhaps I can follow your good example as my Christmas sewing is finished and the weather is pretty so I hope to get the tree and boxes of decoration in and get some cleaning done,too. My sewing room is a shambles.

    What sweet little houses Edwin's family gave you and what wonderful memories of lovely people the wee houses hold for you.


  2. Have been reading but not saying much! Wanted to say how lovely your decorations look - you are inspiring me to get Christmasified here this weekend, I hope! Might get the tree up tomorrow. Much love to you both, and best wishes for a peaceful Christmas xxx

  3. Facebook can be really useful sometimes!!


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