Wednesday, 2 December 2015


Visit to Ikea with DD2 today. DB was going to stay at home and go to the coffee morning at the Chapel round the corner.

I had a very bad night was still awake at 4am, so the alarm going off at 7.45 was a welcome relief.

I was sorting the breakfast when DB came through and announced that he was going to come with us, he was aware that I had not slept well so he was going to come with us and drive!!! Well I will go to the end of our house!! what brought that on???

Yesterday afternoon was rather strained, I decided to keep out of DB's way and once he had his siesta I went through into the sewing room. After supper we watched TV and so to bed.

We had to get fuel and pick up DD2 I swapped the turkey crown for my pressure cooker, I returned the microwave one to Lakeland, I did not feel it worked as it should. The refund cheque came yesterday.

Coffee as soon as we got to Ikea and then a wander round, we both knew what we were looking for, so just over an hour and we were on our way home. DD gave us lunch so back home, sorted out the supper. DB has been very usual I spent more than I intended to.

Tomorrow we have a full day. We have to try the Dr again, so we have to get up at 7.30 and be out of the house and at the Drs at 8.20 to be sure to get in to see the Dr we want to. Back home for lunch and then out to Tesco, the hospital to get our feet done, Morrison, DB wants his hair cut, on to the library, Lidl and then home.

Friday I am hoping to go and see mt quilting friend. DB is going to have to come with me regardless, so he will take a book and read, whilst we chew the fat.

I hope I sleep better tonight, I need it, on painkillers 4 times a day just now.


  1. It's good to hear you had a better day but am sorry about the bad night's sleep. Hope you sleep well tonight considering your schedule tomorrow and Friday. What did you get at IKEA?

    We have another rainy day and it's chilly, too.

    I've just had to take out the stitching in the LB panel that I put in this morning. Why? My thread got caught in the pop-up end of the spool and I didn't notice. The fabric was horribly puckered and the stitches were tight due to the tension on the thread from the spool. That's never happened before but I'll be watching for that problem. I will say those stitches weren't difficult to take out.


  2. Painkillers render me practically useless so I hate taking them. Hope you get some decent sleep tonight. Perhaps DB has started to come to his senses.


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