Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Good News

If there can be such a thing when your 45 year old son has died.

His body has at last been released by the coroner, the funeral people are collecting him this afternoon.  Its a step in the right direction.

A sunny day but windy, I had put laundry in the machine overnight, so its out on the line, hopefully about dry, will be getting it in before the weather starts to damp down.

We are past the winter solstice, the nights should start to draw out a bit. The weather is so mild a lot of the bulbs I put in have started to put leaves up, heaven knows what will happen if we get snow and frost now.

We are waiting for the chaps to come and do an estimate for the side gate and fence that Nick was going to put in for us. The back of the bungalow is wide open, anyone can walk round from the front. I will be glad when its done. The back of the bungalow will be more secure.

Our next door neighbour has just had 3 fence panels and posts replaced, all the wood was left on the garden, DB went round this morning and asked for the posts, just what we need for the raspberries, and he was also given some wood for chopping.

Not sleeping well, it was 5am this morning before I dropped off, up just after 8 so I am off to put my head down for half an hour.

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