Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Good Day?? No!!n

We were up early to go to the surgery The Dr said she wanted to see DB. When we got there just after 9am, the place was packed and the Dr. DB needed to see had a full list. We were told to come back on Thursday. I was not a happy bunny to say the least.

When we got back DB made a comment which really upset me, I was furious, if I had somewhere else to go I would have gone at that point.

I have put up with his 'illness's' for 25 years and quite frankly I have had enough. Words have been spoken, and not kind ones either. He cleared off outside until lunchtime. I am still not happy and he knows it. I know he has problems, but he does not seem to take cognisance of the fact that he is not the only one in the house who has problems, I am not allow to dwell on mine. Cleaning etc is done regardless of how I am feeling, the same with cooking. It would be good if just occasionally he put himself out and did something for a change.

Enough for today........


  1. Why did the doctor's office not notify you yesterday that they had a full schedule today so you wouldn't have made a pointless trip? That's just not right and the person who does the scheduling needs to do better.

    Sorry for the same old stuff from DB that has gotten so irritating. You're right. He needs to do his part indoors and out no matter if he's feeling less than stellar. Perhaps you and he need to have a signal word that indicates the complainer or the angry person needs to be quiet instantly as the other person has had it. Our word is "enough" and that ends it until calmer conversation can be had or the matter is dropped by agreement.

    I've just machine quilted around the Christmas ornament in the upper left of the LB panel photo and my shoulders are screaming. I'm going to press on and machine quilt around the gift boxes in the upper right corner as that should be easy.

    Big hugs!

  2. 25 years is a long time to put up with anything, I would not have made it for 1. I had a "point of combustion" early in my second marriage and the washing up bowl, full of very hot soapy water and china was launched at my hubby. It hit him full on and I was out of the door, over my shoulder I instructed him to clean the mess up and then decide to either man up or get out. Needless to say when I returned all was as it should be and he was contrite. Yes we had our heated discussions over the years but nothing major. I hope that this is not insurmountable for you.

  3. Men do not deal with their own bodies from a young age (as girls do)
    Men do not have babies (as the old saying goes, if the woman had the first and the man had the second there would not be a third!)
    Men do not 'see' things like we do
    If a house is dirty/untidy society blames the woman. This last one is most unfair, I have even found myself doing this, shame on me. We all dirty the house equally, therefore everyone should help.
    Have a good look at your blog over the past few years. I am not surprised that you are buggered. A huge pat on the back for you for looking forward after moving into that lovely but doomed flat. You saw where life was going and put in for the bungalow. Rest a while. Love Andie xxxx

  4. I so feel your frustrations dealing with DB. My hubby is the same so I take a vacation alone every chance I can. It's funny how he always does fine when I'm gone! LOL

  5. Anne - I hope that you're feeling ok - I once threw half a dozen eggs at the prat of a first husband and missed with every one - it was a right mess to clean up (but the plus side was he buggered off not long after!) Hugs from me xxx

  6. Ohhh boy, these men!! I find that there are many ups and downs in my marriage and many things can set them off. OH's family are the biggest trigger. I love the OH and always ask myself the old adage: Am I better off with or without him? If you know the answer to that question, you have your solution :) I love reading your blog .... keep going.


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