Friday, 11 December 2015


Today was the over 60's lunch at the Baptist Church, the meal was free but a basket was left out for donations.

Very nice meal, turkey, stuffing, roast spuds and parsnips, mashed turnip peas and gravy, followed by christmas pudding with either custard or brandy sauce,mince pies and chocolate peppermint creams, coffee or tea. It was a large plateful, pity there were not doggy bags!!

After the meal we went through into the chapel to be entertained by the local school children singing carols. It never ceases to amaze me just how entertaining young children can be, watching some of them singing was very funny, I had a job to contain myself. There was one little boy who was intent on picking his nose, he spent most of the time with his finger stuck up there!! We got home just after 3pm after a very nice lunch and entertainment.

I washed towels and hung them out, they were dry when we came home, just gave them a few minutes in the dryer to fluff them up a bit. I really do need to get into the sewing room and tidy it out, it looks like a rubbish tip. Its been a fine but cold day, the sun was out but not a lot of heat in it.

I sat next to one of the ladies who runs the craft group that meets on a Friday each week, she asked me if I would like to go along, so I promised I would go next week, they are then having a break until the first Friday in January. It will give me a chance to sew down the binding on the table mats I made for the quilting ladies.

Since we have been home I have put out the few decs we have up over the holiday, they will be put away on Boxing Day, they will have been up long enough.

We have visitors coming for a cup of tea on Monday afternoon, so I need to make cake and scones. 

Supper tonight, cream crackers and cheese and a yogurt for DB, apple for me and a cup of tea. I am still stuffed after our lunch.


  1. What a lovely Friday lunch and entertainment you have had. Oh you would make a wonderful addition to the craft group. Something to look forward to and tell us all about.

    Any time you can get your towels dry on the line in December is a bonus.

    How is the companion who comes to sit with DB when you are gone to the quilting group getting along?

    I always love the sound of your baking - your Monday visitors are in for a treat.

  2. Your Over-60s lunch sounds like a wonderful feast and how handy you and DB could simply walk around the corner and be there. I can just see those little children, from the intent and soulful to the little boy who was otherwise occupied. What a heartwarming delight!

    Cheers for all you got done, too, including the baking. Yum!

    I'm about to write out some Christmas cards and take them to the mailbox since it's so warm outside. Then I'll stitch the label onto the Scottie quilt and it will be finished. Joy!



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