Friday, 4 December 2015


Slow start, I have left the Friday clean to tomorrow.

The council chaps came and started on the fences, they have trampled over a lot of the front garden, have not had a chance to see if they have done any damage to the plants. The path was covered in mud which DB swept off when we got back.

We had our lunch and then set off to see my quilting friend, the road was fairly busy, but we made good time. We spent a couple of very pleasant hours chatting, drinking tea and eating chocolate brownies.

She was delighted with her orchid, phew...its is difficult to know what to get her.

Good journey home, the traffic was heavy but not too slow, just before 4pm when we got home. The fencers have gone, done some of the fencing but not all, so I guess they will be back next week. The window cleaner had been, so £5 wrenched from my fist!!

Our usual fish and wedges for supper, we have been given 2 pieces of brownie to bring home, we will have it tomorrow with a cuppa, banana for dessert tonight.

I managed to get 2 bp readings in this morning, will try and do 3 this evening.

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  1. I hope your plants are intact as it should behoove workers to take care with the property where they're working.

    How nice for you and your friend to have a pre-holiday get together for fun, food, and a good chat!

    What a good idea to leave the Friday clean for tomorrow considering how busy this week has been for you.

    I'm about to cut borders for the small LB quilt and will sew them on using the flip-and-sew technique and I'm happy to say that will be all of the machine quilting done on this. Binding, a label, and a finish will be next!



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