Thursday, 3 December 2015


Up at 7.30 and at the surgery by 8.30, it was stoating again and we were 9th and 10th in the queue. I have to take my BP 6 times a day for a week....really...... stress  equals high BP, I know that. and I have plenty of that in my life. Sorting DB's feet will only add to it.

We eventually got home just before 12 noon, had lunch and then went into town. We wanted to go to the was closed...wasted 70 for an hours car parking we did not need. OH went for a haircut whilst I was in Morrison we then went to the hospital where we were told that we would no longer be able to get out feet done at the hospital. We are not to cut our nails but use a diamond nail file, cost £6 plus £3 P & P!! something else to hack me off.

When we got home the workmen were in the close, they are coming to repair the facias, they are going to use wood again and repaint it....bad decision as far as we can see, they would save far more money if the replaced the wood with upvc, no on going painting and repairing needed. They are starting at 8am tomorrow. We will be here in the morning, but out after lunch.

Wish I had done a load of laundry, it would have dried outside, will do it tonight and it will take its chances with the weather, the weekend appears to be going to be very wild weather wise.

Right, I am taking my very grumpy self off and sort out the supper. DB is going out to the garden club, I just cannot be bothered to go, so will be staying here.


  1. What a frustrating day with both the library closed and the hospital refusing to do the usual care for you two. Why did the hospital not give you a parking voucher so you could get a refund for the hour's parking fee? I'd certainly be really grumpy about the wasted time and money, too.

    It does seem to be a waste of tax money for the workers to use wood again to replace the rotten bungalow's fascia boards. A product that weathers better but costs a bit more now would be more cost efficient in the long run.

    I hope your time at home alone was a delight and gave your BP a chance to settle down while you read a book, had tea, or perhaps a nap. You deserved some pampering!

    This morning we have sunshine again but it's certainly chilly and tonight's low will be a degree below freezing if the forecast is correct. Our Bradford pear trees are in their autumn glory now and are a sight to behold.

    The machine quilting on the LB panel is perking along and I have only two ornamental borders (stars at the bottom and holly at the top) to do before I'm on to the straight stitching in the panel borders. That will be welcome.

    Big hugs!

  2. There was no chance of drying washing outside here, you would have to nail it on the line as we had horizontal rain again.


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