Sunday, 6 December 2015

Another Wild Day

The wind is still giving it some welly, trees are bending, guess there will be a few down and quite a lot of damage. The sun came out briefly but was soon gone.

I feel so sad for the people in the lake district who are flooded again despite the so called flood defences that were put in after the last flooding some 5 years ago. many of those people will have lost everything then and are now without insurance and faced with the same problems again, it is heartbreaking. so many of them live close to water.

Finished off the clean that got interrupted yesterday, so kitchen gleaming again, all the mud and muck cleaned off the floor. Fire is set for later this afternoon.

Need to sort out a dessert for supper, we are having roast pork, I have half a butternut squash,, will cut it in half and roast it with the spuds, the rest will go in butternut squash soup tomorrow. I have some apples left so think a crumble might be in order. I also want to bake some scones for tea this afternoon.

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  1. I'd not heard of the flooding but my sympathy and best wishes to all who are affected.

    It seems like you've had a productive day and have stayed tucked in well out of the wind. Dinner and your planned dessert are once again sounding yummy.

    I've been busy but need to turn my attention the hanging sleeves and label for the LB panel so it can be mailed tomorrow.



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