Tuesday, 8 December 2015

50 degrees under

Had a shingles injection at the Drs last week. I am allergic to some part of it, my arm swelled and reddened quite alarmingly, I have not been feeling 100%.

Nothing to be done except wait until it disperses whilst the Dr tries to find out whats in it, it could be the medium the virus is in. I cannot have the flu jab because I am allergic to albumen.

Hey ho, have spent most of the day on the settee, have managed to do a bit of knitting.

Hope to be feeling a little better tomorrow.


  1. I wonder what it is that makes you react so, let us hope it goes down quickly and you are back to your busy self. Enjoy the quiet time if you can. I went to Skipton on Sunday and it was so busy I started feeling ill with all the shoppers and just trying to keep out of their way. I think I shall give it a miss in future. We went to see Father Christmas and he did look splendid, but little grand daughter just wanted to look. I can remember being afraid of him when I was young. Get well soon. Love Andie xxx

  2. I had the same reaction to the shingles shot 2 years ago. It really kicked me in the rear for several days. I know the reaction is minor compared to getting shingles, but it's quite a rough shot to tolerate. I hope you feel better soon. Barb

  3. OUCH! This is not the best time to have the misery you're enduring, but when is a good time? Have you taken Benadryl or the UK version thereof? It's an over-the counter medicine here.

    On the other hand (no pun intended), this is a perfect reason to sit and read, to continue knitting, or to play on the internet reading blogs and such.

    Hope you have a note on your wallet ID that you're allergic to albumen. This former ER nurse encourages you to add it and any other allergy information.

    My sewing machine is threaded with green thread and the fabrics are fused to the fusible batting so I'm ready to start machine quilting the Scottie panel. I seem to be playing on the internet instead, tho. :)

    I hope you start feeling better today.


  4. I had the flu shot Friday and had the same type of reaction. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  5. I got the shingles shot a couple of years ago, after my mother had had the worse case of shingles her doctor had ever seen. I wouldn't wish what she had on my worst enemy. She suffered for several years with terrible pain. Although the reaction you have is not good, it can't be anything like shingles would be. Hope you're feeling better soon.


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