Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Whew!! what a wind

A very windy night, we were both sitting up reading to well after 1am, so very late up this morning, good job the visitors are coming after lunch.

I did the chicken pasta and put it in a casserole dish, we may well be very late having supper, so I plan to put cheesy breadcrumbs on the top and steam some calebrese to go with it, Bananas for dessert.

DB went out and sorted out the garden, things had blown about a bit and the bird table had blown over onto the new grass, fortunately it has not done much damage. I found a large empty put which was by the back door in the corner at the top of the front garden.

Few quick jobs done, set the fire ready to light and a quick push of the Dyson over the kitchen and sitting room floors, then retired to the sewing room to get ready for my quilting visitor. Need to see how she has got on with her bag and finish it off, then start her on the pot holder. After Christmas I will see if she wants to do the sampler. She is going to have to go some to catch up with the others.

DB has his 'baby sitter' coming to meet him and see if they get on ok. He should be here around 4.30, he is at the hospice this afternoon.

Right offsky to do a bit more and set the table for a very light lunch.

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  1. Am glad you all set for the folks that are coming today and are well organized as you always are. Dinner sounds yummy and am glad it's ready to go into the oven when the last of your visitors has gone home.

    Here's hoping that DB and his sitter/new friend get along well right from the start.

    It's clouding over here and rain is possible by 4p and again overnight and for most of tomorrow if the forecast is correct. It's oddly warm for this time of year, too. We're off to the library before the rain starts and also to the post office to mail birthday gifts.

    If you locate a good store of energy, please send some here as I am so very tired already.



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