Wednesday, 25 November 2015

What that I see? Sun?

It was quite cloudy when I  went to hang the laundry out before setting off for Aldi at Grantham. By the time we had finished the shopping the sun was out, but its still brrrrr there is quite a breeze. Hopefully the laundry will dry.

I had forgotten a couple of things I wanted from Aldi, but no too bad this trip, just over £50. I need sausages from Lidl and I guess I will need milk and toasting bread from Morrisons. Anything else I need for the holiday I will get when I go for my pacemaker check. There are also a couple of things from Tesco, but I have vouchers to cover that.

We got caught up with slow moving cows on the way home, they were being moved down the road outside Waltham, one or two impatient drivers behind us. Its not unusual to get animals on the road when you live and travel in the countryside. The cows had calves at foot, looked like they were moving them in for the winter.

Shopping put away, we had the left over baked beans from Monday on some toast for lunch, we also finished up the apple sponge from Sunday.

DB is off for his siesta, I and going to lock horns with the mat I messed up, am going to put a piece in, just cannot face taking the whole things off and putting it back again.

The laundry dried on the line so its in the airing cupboard. I have managed with a bit if creative sewing to get the binding mended on the one mat and the last one is pinned waiting for me to tackle it on Friday. Tomorrow is the quilting group, DB's 'sitter' will be here. I really do not want another phone call saying he is on the floor.

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  1. It sounds as if you're well organized for the holidays - as usual!

    Cheers that your method of mending the mat's binding worked out! What a joy it is to avoid taking the whole thing off.

    Wishing DB and his sitter well tomorrow and hope you and your students have fun!

    If you can believe it, I have already wrapped some Christmas gifts and one box is ready to mail. Perhaps I'll stay ahead of schedule but perhaps I shouldn't have even thought that. 4 years ago when I was ahead, DH and I both got the flu and were sick for 10 days in early December. Needless to say, I was way behind schedule by the time I could care about it. :)



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