Saturday, 28 November 2015

What lie in???

I was supposed to be having a long lie this morning, fine, except DB was so dozy I ended  up getting up making breakfast and taking it back to bed. Eventually he managed out of bed at 10am.

It was a bright morning first thing, I stripped the bed, its supposed to be fine tomorrow, and put the sheets etc in the washer, will put them on tonight and hopefully will get them part dry outside tomorrow.

DB has started to take the BP tablets, so far no problems, his stomach too seems to be more settled but not taking any risks till breakfast tomorrow, we will have our usual mixed fruit and croissant with jam. One thing, he is not having coffee just now.

Re made the bed with clean linen, have not done much else except prep tonights supper ready to cook.

Do not know what happened with the breadmaker yesterday, I put a loaf on as usual, it was as flat as a pancake and heavy as lead, not sure why, the yeast was quite fresh. and as far as I know the salt did not get near the yeast. Hey ho, will try again tomorrow.

Two things I am hoping not to have to replace, one is the combi microwave the other the bread maker, both will cause a hole in the budget and also put our inset stove plans back quite a few months.

It was so cold this afternoon I lit the fire early, I do not usually set a match to it until around 4pm, I was so cold just after 2pm I lit it.

Its just about 3pm and starting to darken, the lights will have to go on soon. I really dislike the dark nights, always make me feel depressed and lethargic, much more a summer than winter child.

We are going through the library books at a rate of knots, we have an appointment in town on Thursday so it will be a chance to go to Tesco for some bits from there, the library and then a quick nip into Lidl on the way home for some more of their Cumberland sausages

4 weeks today it will be boxing day and everything will be over for another year........once the longest night is past it will start getting darker later......hooray.....


  1. It sounds like you had quite a productive morning and deserved to have a relaxed do-what-you-want-to arvo.

    I enjoy the darker days of approaching winter and the puddles of cozy lamplight illuminating the room Our long-range forecast is for a warmer than usual winter due to El Nino but I do hope for enough cold to kill the bugs.

    Yesterday I began a bit of Christmas decorating by hanging Christmas wall quilts, changing candle colors, and bringing in a few seasonal pillows. This was in honor of sweet AMIL who always decorated the whole house, tree and all, the day after Thanksgiving.

    Today I hope to cut backing for the LB panel and machine quilt it. I think I can, I think I can!


  2. With the breadmaker it could be the yeast. I put about a teaspoon of baking powder in with the yeast just in case when I use my breadmaker as I have had the same thing happen. Try it next time.


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