Wednesday, 4 November 2015

What a difference.

This morning we toddled round to the Baptist Chapel in the road at the back of us. Silly me got the time wrong, but never mind. We were warmly welcomed and introduced to those who we did not already know. DB was in deep discussion with the lay pastor who runs the Chapel, I was talking to a lady, she and her husband are 'missionaries' they spend quite a lot of time travelling round the country talking to children in schools etc and arranging play days. They are off on their travels again next week, then they have a break over Christmas and the New Year. The group on the other side of her were having quite a discussion too, lots of talking and laughter, so different from when we went to the village hall.

The lay Pastor has said he will arrnage for someone to come to be with DB when I go to the quilting club, I have to send him a message the week before and he will sort it out, so thats one thing off my mind.

Anothe damp and grey day, we had some rain but it looks like clearing up now, too late to put the towels out they are on the airer in the sewing room.

Finished off yesterdays soup at lunch time, Stew tonight, I had some beans left so rinsed the sauce off them and have stuck them into the stew.

I watched HFW's War on Waste programme last night, we recorded it on Monday. I was appalled at the amount of food waste going on, I knew that supermarkets were responsible for chucking stuff out but the amount of food that people were throwing out because it had reached its sell by date, not its use by date was horrendous. They could cut their food bills by half if they used the stuff up, not throw it in the bin. I felt so sorry for the farmers growing parsnips for Morrison, it must be soul destroying. I must admit I was very angry at the end of the programme when Hugh said they had given up, they just could not sustain the losses.

When we lived in Scotland we were in a farm cottage where the farmer grew spuds for Tesco, half his crop was turned down. We had several lots of spuds given to us which were perfectly OK. We were very glad of them. I personally have no problem buying veg or fruit that is not an even size, if we had a shop locally that sold stuff that the supermarkets had turned down, I would shop there regularly.

DB seems to be holding up ok, he is in bed now just having his afternoon nap, he was alright all day yesterday, so I am feeling a little more relaxed. However I do wish people would read what I write before they comment. Normally had he fallen he would not have been taken into hospital, it was because his BP was high, they wanted him checked. Fortunately for us when he had palpitations on Sunday the Dr was once again able to see what happened, hence the referral to Glenfield to see if an ablation and pacemaker will cure the problem. His blackout/dizzies will never be cured, we can only hope to keep them under control. I am getting seriously sick of people trying to tell me what I should and should not do. I have been caring and coping with DB for 25 years, I can assure you the last thing on his mind when he was taken in on Thursday was if he was ever coming out again!!


  1. I am so pleased that you found a lovely warm welcome at the Baptist Chapel - our church members are the first to help when someone is in need. I am looking forward to hearing more about the Baptist Chapel.

    I have found the HFW's Ware on Waste on youtube and I was shocked at what people were throwing away and thought they were all a bit thick. I am old enough to remember rationing following WW11 and was so upset at what is going on with the Farmer and the turnips etc. all having to be exactly the same size. Whatever has happened to good old fashioned sense.

    Must be about time for a cup of tea in your part of the world. Take care.

  2. I am also delighted at your warm welcome at the Chapel and the kind offer to find a sitter to keep DB company while you're at the quilting class. I know that's a huge worry taken care of and off your mind thanks to the lay pastor's offer of help.

    What are people thinking when they expect veggies to be uniform size and shape or they're trash?? Perhaps this is something for the schools to teach the children by have small school gardens or pots for classroom gardens and the kids can teach their parents.

    Cheers for a much better day!

    I'm about to turn on the iron and get to work on a flip and sew table runner that will be a Christmas gift. The fabrics still have to be steam pressed and cut but that won't take very long to do.


  3. Frugal Queen posted a picture of wonderful carrots in France that horrors still had dirt on them. Bet they were sweet and tasty. Bob was delivering food to a food bank (he does this with friends each week) and when they unpacked the "free" boxes that Gleaners gave to the food bank, they found lobster tails, wild caught shrimp, salmon and all kinds of frozen seafood. Gleaners accepts all kinds of food from stores and then distributes it to the various food banks around Central Indiana. Never expected lobster tails though. We even have Second Helpings which is a charity that takes food and food products from restaurants, stores, caterers, etc. and recycles it into meals. They train people to work in the food industry also. Still way too much thrown out. ana usa


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