Saturday, 14 November 2015

What Awful News

We were just on our way to bed last night when the news started to come in about the slaughter in Paris. I find it so hard to understand why people feel the need to kill hundreds of their fellow men in the name of religion. They do themselves nor their religion any favours.

I am past being sad, I am angry that once again, people, many of them in their teens and twenties have been murdered in a senseless act. The killers will be lauded by their contemporaries, sorry but they are lower than the lowest, killers in cold blood and for what?

Better get off the subject before I say something I should not.

Its a dull but dry and cold day. DB was in the garden for an hour this morning, afraid I stayed in bed, did not hear him getting up, first I knew was when he brought me my breakfast and the news about Paris. It is a city which holds great memories for the two of us, it is a wonderful city with fantastic buildings.....a city we so enjoyed visiting. I would love to go back again for one last visit, but doubt I ever will.

No plans except to sort out the beef for tomorrow and liver and sausage tonight, I need to do something with the apples that we were given yesterday, I might  make an apple amber for tomorrows dessert..... or even tart tatin. I can see bags of apple in the freezer.

DB has his jigsaw board out and has started the jigsaw he bought from the hospice charity shop on Thursday. I managed to finish the band of dark brown wool on the blanket before it got dark yesterday, and now starting on the second round of stripes. I think it might need three sets plus the first set again before its big enough. Its Aran yarn so it is heavy on my hands, have to sit with my feet on a stool so I can hold the bulk on my knees and it does not weigh so heavy on my hands.

Time for lunch, will finish off the butternut soup I made the other day with some bread. DB will have his yogurt. I have no fruit, so no idea what I will have.

I made a bread and butter pudding last night, there is enough left to have with custard tonight after the liver and sausage.


  1. DB is certainly on the mend with out in the garden for an hour. I love how he brings you breakfast in bed. On one of the other blogs I read the husband gets up at 6:30 am and brings the lady of the house a cup of tea in bed at 7:00 am each morning. I have come to the conclusion it is a British thing tea in bed. My mum woke us up with a cup of tea each morning. Once I moved across the big pond that was the end of that. I also remember my sister having a Teasmade (dating myself I am sure) Do they still sell them and people use?

    Pleased that the lay minister called round yesterday and look forward to hearing about how DB and the friend get on.

    It is early morning here so am now off for a walk. Take care.

  2. I share your sorrow and horror at the cowardly murderers who ignore the peaceful teachings of Islam with their awful actions against others.

    How wonderful DB continues to do so well and is also sensible about not over-doing things. Puzzles are such fun and I am considering getting one out, but covering it each night so the cats cannot lose pieces as they dash about in play.

    It's another breezy, cool, sunny day here so that is a delight.

    Am going next door to make another quiche so must be off.



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