Saturday, 7 November 2015

Wet and Windy

We had a lie in this morning, it was wet and windy, the garden bin had blown over onto one of the plant pots.

DB went down to the shop to collect the TV choice. I started to do the late Friday clean, managed to stuff up the cable which joins the box to the TV, good job I had kept a scart lead, so DB can still watch TV.

I sorted out the cables so the sitting room looks far tidier, I just need some large cable clips to clip the cable to the skirting board.

I fell asleep on the settee......

Meat balls and spaghetti for supper.

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  1. Your weather sounds like ours today but we had the wind yesterday so it's hard to see the grass for the bazillion leaves that have fallen since Thursday.

    I've seen computer and TV cables hidden with fabric "scrunchies" that blend with the carpet or wall paint. I've thought that stick-on Velcro strips would allow a hemmed fabric rectangle to be attached to the back of the TV stand so the cables would hide behind it.

    Am about to finish the last of the rearranging of the dishes I started Thursday night. Yesterday I just ran out of energy and today has been about playing catch-up.



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