Friday, 6 November 2015

Wet again

It was fine first thing, we set off into town just after 10,30 by the time we got to the outskirts of Melton, it was persisting down. We aprks the car and walked to the chemist to collect the rest of DB's medication, I dropped him at the opticians and went on a little foray for a new light bulb for the kitchen, more wool for the blanket I decided to knit and another trailing socket for the sitting room to try and clear up all the cables that snake through various places.

I found a 'Puffa' type jacket for DB, cost me all of £13 in the sale... we had to wait ages in the opticians and then DB had to choose and pay for his glasses, we were running close to the wind for the car park.

Nipped to the dump and got rid of 2 old pillows and the old quilt as well as an old sky box and router.

Into Lidl on the way home, Cucumber 29p!! just needed a couple of things and their eggs are the cheapest and best in the town. I bought some Bavarian ham and a small baguette, split the bagette and buttered it, couple of slices of ham, a slice of cheese and cut up some of the last of our tomato's, scrummy........lunch. DB had a yogurt, I had a pear.

DB went for his snooze, he is sleeping at night so he obviously needs his afternoon nap, will continue encouraging him to go to bed for a while.

Its still pouring with rain, and very dark, sitting room lights on. We will be late having supper tonight as it was getting on for 2pm when we got our lunch.

I am knitting a blanket, its getting quite big and heavy, have to rest it on my knee or it hurts my hands.

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  1. So glad you got your errands accomplished despite the rain and cheers for finding such a nice jacket for DB on sale! It's good to tucked indoors with the rain continuing.

    Do you have a folding table you could use to support the weight of the blanket you're knitting? I often have to use a table when doing the hand sitiching on a large quilt's binding or the struggle with the quilt's weight is tiring. Will this be a wool, cotton, or acrylic blanket and I'd love to know what colors and pattern you're using. Sadly, while my hands will do many kinds of needlework, they will not knit or crochet. Go figure!

    I have a couple of errands to run today while it's dry and very warm ahead of the rain and dropping temperatures that are forecast for tomorrow.



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