Wednesday, 11 November 2015

That's Better

Upped my medication last night, slept ok, I was asleep well before DB put his light out, roused once at about 2am. Late getting up, but we are retired, can get up when we like.

DB has planted the garlic. I had half a butternut squash left, so peeled cored and chopped it, put it in the microwave on medium for about 8 minutes, its now cooking slowly in chicken stock to make soup. I had some curry paste in the freezer, so hacked a bit off that, tastes great. DB is not a fan of curry, but he is my taste tester and he said it was nice, so butternut squash soup for lunch. I will give it a blast with the bamix to thicken it up a bit.

Its quite windy again this morning, but very clear for a change, the sun is out and we have blue sky, DB is in the garden with just a body warmer over his overalls.

We were talking about the garden for next year, it is not worth us growing squash, courgette etc from seed, so we will buy the plants. The tomato's we grew this year were Alisa Craig, much nicer flavour than the supermarket ones that come in from Spain. The cabbage is ready so apart from getting carrots, I will not need to buy any veg, just apples and bananas when we go into town to the Dr's, Morrison and the library on Monday. From then on we will be using the Drs in the next village, they have accepted our application.

DB went to the bowls club AGM last night, was home early so we were able to watch the last part of the Lewis programme. I enjoyed both Morse and Lewis, its sad that there are not going to be any more, but I can understand the thinking behind it. I was looking at pictures of Kevin Whatley from when he made Auf Weidersen Pet? spelling. He certainly has a 'lived in' face now.

Nothing planned for the rest of the day. DB is going for his siesta so I may well get on with the last of the mats I have to put together, then I can get on with quilting and finishing them, Will try to do two a day till they are finished.

Heard this afternoon that a lady who was on TV and wrote books about saving money many years ago, has passed away. When my  children were small she was on TV extolling the virtues of saving money whilst eating well. She was blogging up to a few weeks ago.
Rest in peace Shirley Goode.........


  1. Cheers for a good night's restful sleep and a pretty, sunny day, too! We also have sunshine today and a little breeze that has dried the damp chill of the last two days. Nice.

    Your garden chat mirrors ours as we often have to buy far more of each type seed than we could possibly grow, tend, or utilize. It's plants for us, too.

    We enjoy Morse and Lewis, too, but get the DVDs from the library so are far behind the current Lewis, Midsomer Murders, and Foyle.

    Wishing you well on finishing the mats and hope the process is fun. I am about to trim the sides of the flip-and-stitch table runner so it will soon be ready for corner triangles and binding.


  2. So sorry to hear of Shirley Goode's death. I have her books and still find them very useful


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