Monday, 23 November 2015

Sunny Monday

It was brrrrrr again last night, its up to 1c just now although the sun is out there is no real heat in it.

I did a load of coloureds overnight, they are out on the line, I may have to finish them off in the dryer, will have to see, we are forecast rain for tonight.

I seem to have gauged the storage heaters better last night, Everywhere is just comfortable, not too hot. Monday clean has just been done. We did not light the fire last night, by 10pm it was getting rather chilly in the sitting room, but will light it tonight, now I have turned the heaters down.

I asked DB last week to put the fuschia and ivy leaf geranium in the growing house to protect them from the frost, did he do it? No!! he has this morning, which is a bit like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted. They did not look too badly affected but time will tell!!

Simple supper tonight eggs and wedges, I usually open a can of beans, we have half and eat the rest for lunch one day on toast. I need to do a freezer audit see what meat etc I might need. We hope to go to Aldi at Grantham on Wednesday morning. I would usually go on Thursday but its quilting group day......DB's baby sitter is coming to sit with him.

I need to spend an hour or so in the sewing room, get the binding on the rest of the mats. I am going to demo sashing blocks together and also making and binding a project. I will give them the instructions for the next block in the sampler quilt to do over the holiday.

P across the road has cellulitis in his foot, he is not happy, is taking heavy antibiotics and having to sit with his foot up. Their son is over from Spain, staying with his sister in law, so he is going to take B shopping. I did offer to take her any time she wants to go, just to let me know.

I was disappointed at the decision in Strictly last night, makes me wonder if it is fixed, Jamelia danced much better the second time, Peter Andre was as flat footed as he was on Saturday night. No pointed toes in the kicks and flicks despite what Len said.

We slept in again this morning so late getting going, we are going to have to set the alarm, not so bad at the weekend but I need to be up and doing in the week.


  1. It sounds like despite your lie in this morning, you've accomplished a lot and made some good plans for the week ahead. Oh, went we got someone to stay with FIL occasionally, we called that person the "sitter" as the term "baby-sitter" irritated FIL and he was grumpy enough at the best of times.

    Fingers crossed that your ivy leaf geranium and fuschia survive the cold nights they endured outside.

    Wishing you well on finishing the last of the mats! I've just done the machine sewing to put the binding on a Christmas gift (it's still November!!) and need to join the binding ends before putting quilt clips on.

    It's sunny and cold here, too, with a high in the mid-40s*F and a stiff breeze. Brrr is right!


  2. We have 'Dancing with the Stars' here. It's the final next week. We do miss Len as one of the judges, but Bruno is just as silly/funny as always!


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