Sunday, 22 November 2015

Sunday, Sunday

Brrrrrrrrrrr it was cold last night, thankfully all the heaters worked, the kitchen one a little too well, have turned it down, will see what its like tomorrow, if it warms up any I will turn it off. One thing I do have to do is mackle up a curtain for the back door, when the wind is from the north west it howls round and I can feel it coming in down the side of the kitchen door.

I went over to see our neighbour this morning, he has cellulitis in his foot and can hardly walk. The Emergency Dr has given him some antibiotics. Glad it was not him falling as he has done in the past. His son is over from Spain, so he is taking his Mother shopping. Once he goes back I will take over until P is better.

Prepped the supper, DB is struggling on with his jigsaw. After lunch he went for his siesta, I wanted to finish something in the sewing room, and then sat reading till he came through for afternoon tea.

The heaters are still throwing out the heat so will leave lighting the fire till later. I must admit I cannot wait to get the stove put in, but we will have to sit this winter out as we are. I just cannot afford to do it yet.

Supper tonight, pork steaks, roasties, carrots and cabbage, I have made an apple sponge for dessert, it will lst us at least 2 suppers.


  1. Hello Anne: Nice to hear from you, thanks for your comment. Life has just been too busy to post anything on my blog, plus I was having major issues and getting no where when I tried to fix it. Hopefully, now that all of our outside work is done we can settle in for the Winter and I can get back to blogging again. As you can see we had about two inches of wet snow overnight which coated everything very pretty. I am going to send you an other comment which contains my e-mail, so that you can contact me if you wish, would ask that you not publish it for obvious reasons.


  2. Another good day for being snug indoors so am happy you have sewing, knitting, and books to enjoy and DB has books and the jigsaw puzzle.

    Do you have a length of heavy flannel or a double sheet you can cut and sew into a double layer curtain for the kitchen door? It's cold and windy here, too, and the low tonight is forecast to be several degrees below freezing.

    Am glad your neighbor is no worse than the bother of cellulitis and am glad you can be of help to them when their son has returned home.

    Your dinner sounds yummy as always. DH has made a 10 bean and sausage soup with onions, tomatoes, and all manner of spices in it. It smells wonderful and that will be our dinner.

    Next up for me is machine sewing a binding on, then putting the quilt clips on so it will be ready to hand sew.



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