Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Sigh Another Grey Day

DB went off just before 9am to the Drs to get his INR done and log in with the practice.

It was 10 30 before he got back, having had his test which was fine and also 20 minutes with the Dr. going over various things, she was quite happy with him and his medication, so thats fine. My turn next week to get my script.

DD2 should be here shortly, she was to catch the 10.30 bus. Eggs hard boiled for egg mayo sarnies for lunch, need to do the veg for tonights supper.

Its a very grey morning again, DH tells me the forecast is for bad weather later, we may have to take DD2 home if its really bad, she has quite a walk from the bus to her house.

A couple of easy days, we have 2 visitors tomorrow, so I made a lemon drizzle cake yesterday. Might also make a ring of scone to be able to offer a choice, what ever I make will get eaten!!.


DD" been and gone, as has the support worker, she came to tell us she was going to be away at the end of the month and also to check on DB.

DD2 has decided on the size of the turkey crown for Christmas day, so I will go and get it. I have a couple of reward cards for Sainsbury so will use them. Also need a trip to Tesco for fish, if they have it, and a bottle of their dry cream sherry.

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  1. How wonderful that DB could get himself to the new medical office and that all is well with his test results and his medications.

    It's so nice, too, that DD2 lives only a bus ride and some walking away from the bungalow and that she can visit often. As was the agreement when we lived across the street from AMIL and FIL in the '70s and '80s, you don't pop in but always call first. Simple, and it works well for all.

    Is the support worker who visited today the one whose job it is to have the bungalow loo remodeled to suit your needs? Hope that job gets done and dusted soon.

    Yum! Lemon Drizzle cake. I do plan to make that using your recipe.

    Hope all goes well tomorrow.



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