Friday, 27 November 2015


We were at the surgery by 9am, it was stonking full. DB needed to see the nurse, he did not have to wait long, but he was away ages, began to wonder what was going on when he appeared. He is a Scotsman so does not give anything easily, let alone his blood, they had to have 3 goes at getting it out, eventually they had to use a butterfly. He now has an entry on his notes only to use a butterfly for blood tests.

Back home, a cup of tea and then the friday clean done and the kitchen floor washed, it was quite mucky.

Its been a reasonable day, it was damp this morning but then cleared up.

Yesterday I was given some carrier bags with fabric etc in from a quilting lady who passed away. I have gone through them this afternoon, not a lot to reuse although there are about 40 zips of various length. Some are new others have been removed from garments. I have several lengths of dress fabric,  a bit of quilting fabric which I will press. There is also a cutting board and ruler which I am hoping we can sell to one of the ladies. What ever money we raise I will send to A's daughter to give to charity.

DB has been ok all day, the 'runs' seem to have stopped, so I have a feeling it was all the fruit he ate. His blood pressure was well down this morning, he needs to continue to take the tablets.

I put a loaf on this afternoon, its come out almost flat, cannot understand it, very thing went in as usual except I used a bit less oil, do not think that's the problem will have to see what its like when its cooled down, the wretched blade has come out in it as well grrr.............

I was so tired I fell asleep on the settee and missed half of 'floggit'.

Just before supper the rain started battering against the back door and its quite cold.

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  1. I hear you on being exhausted after the couple of long days you've even with the pleasant outing to your quilting class. How nice you were given several totes full of handy quilting items but am sorry that a fellow quilter has passed away.

    It's good that DB is feeling better, that his BP is down, and that the GI miseries have stopped.

    What a bother your loaf didn't rise much. Do you suppose that was caused by the approaching rain? AMIL and my grandma both baked bread often and neither would bake when it was raining or rain was forecast.

    Yesterday I was on my feet for most of 11 hours with the Thanksgiving cooking and all, so went to bed early and slept for nearly 10 hours. I'm still tired today, but that's normal for lupus.



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