Monday, 30 November 2015


I was late up this morning, did not sleep too well. Very tired. DB went out to cut a cabbage, I had to de bug it before I could put it in the fridge. DB said he had to throw one in the bin, there was only the stalk left!!

Sketchy Monday clean done, DB pushed the dyson round for me. I managed to do the ironing and also pressed some of the fabric from last week. There is not a lot I could save really. There are two curtains which I am going to undo and use for bag linings. I also plan to make a few zippered bags as well.

Haggis, neeps and tatties tonight, I cooked the neeps and tatties together in the microwave and mashed them with butter and a bit of nutmeg. Will reheat once the haggis is cooked.

Time for a Nana nap I think..........


  1. I have managed to get my washing line dried about 4 times this month, the 1st and 2nd were wonderful days, and then it rained............ We had 2 more part dry and sunny days but the other 26 were sopping wet. We have horizontal rain again, the wind is so fierce, Ben hates it and I am with him.

  2. Sorry you didn't sleep well last night and hope you were refreshed and rested after your Nana nap,

    We've had cold rain since late last night and it continues today. Wish the cats would settled down to nap but they seem to believe if they exit thru a different door, the weather outside will be different. Not so.

    Time for a late lunch here. and then some machine quilting (I hope).



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